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Travel Size Lavender Baby Body Milk 30ml


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Product Description

A rich blend of natural ingredients for moisturising and keeping baby’s delicate skin at a healthy pH level. The selected 5 essential ingredients protect your baby’s skin from harmful UV rays and pollutants and contain anti-fungal and immunity-boosting properties. Suitable for sensitive, inflamed and eczema-prone skin. The Body Milk comes in Natural, Lavender Mailette and Lemongrass.

Natural is suitable for those who prefer no scent. The addition of Lavender Maillette and Lemongrass adds a refreshing fragrance and additional benefits for the skin.

Lavender Maillette essential oil is added to the Body Milk as it provides a wonderful glow to the skin and balances the skin’s moisture barrier.

Lemongrass essential oil maintains an even skin tone and strengthens skin tissues for that long-lasting suppleness. It’s scent can stimulate appetite for fussy eaters. It is also an effective insect repellent.

Ingredients & Their Benefits

Grapeseed oil (from Spain)
– Contains linoleic acid which is great for promoting skin health
– A very light oil that can be used even by those with sensitive skin
– Works as an excellent moisturiser that won’t clog pores.
– Hasten the healing of skin problems such as minor abrasions

Moringa Oil (from Cambodia)
– Contains powerful antioxidants and has nourishing and emollient properties
– Has high concentration for Vitamins A, B, C and E that moisturises and protects skin.

Aloe Vera Extract (from Australia)
– Skin moisturiser
– A good remedy for skin burns.
– Heal wounds and soothe skin
– Amazing healing effects for a variety of skin conditions

Vitamin E oil (from Japan)
– A powerful antioxidant that helps to neutralise free radicals which damage cells
– Has a role in anti-inflammatory processes, inhibitions of platelet aggregation and immunity enhancement.

Camellia Japonica Seed Oil (from Japan)
– Maintains a healthy skin pH
– Blocks harmful UV rays when applied.
– Benefits include rancidity resistance, promotion of wound recovery, stopping of microbe proliferation, anti-fungal resistance
– Immunity boosting.

All ingredients are blended and mixed freshly in Singapore upon order.

Direction for Use

★ Shower oil — massage oil on baby before bathing as alternative to baby soap
★ Bath oil — put two or three drops in bath water for a refreshing, calming and moisturising bath
★ Baby body massage/baby lotion or oil — suitable for baby massage due to the oil’s silky texture


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