Inspiring Mums

From parenting to cooking, fashion to skincare, they have a lot of stories and instagrammable photos to share! Yes, they are our well-loved mum influencers! Check out the list of our best Singapore mum influencers! Follow them on your Instagram and get some inspiration from their posts. 

Lian Mei Ting

If you love to know more about a mum influencer’s beauty, fashion and joyful lifestyle, look no further than Mei Ting’s Instagram feed. She updates her feed regularly with her gorgeous photos with trendy fashion looks, her two adorable kids, her wonderful travelling shots with her family as well as beauty tips sharing videos. Check out her post to be inspired on how to look fab even after having kids!

Cordelia Daphne Low

Cordelia Daphne Low wears many hats; not only she is a popular mum influencer with 2 kids, but she also owns two successful businesses, the talent agency Anticipating Diva and The Acai collection; she is also an emcee! Her feed is all about her lifestyle, motherhood, family and recommended products for beauty, kids, fashion, and home and living. If you like to know how she juggles her career and family amazingly, follow her page now!

Pooja Kawatra

Pooja Kawatra is a popular mum influencer who actively spread positivity about life and parenthood on her Instagram. She was diagnosed with cancer when her first child was just 9 months. She then went through the journey of ups and downs with support from her husband. After a long battle, she finally defeated cancer and gained a new perspective on life. So it’s no surprise that her feed is full of her truly joyful smile, great content and inspiring words. Follow her on your Instagram to get some inspiration about life and motherhood.


Tjin Lee

Tjin Lee is a well-known entrepreneur, influencer, and philanthropist in Singapore. She is also the founder of the lifestyle company Mercury Marketing & Communications. Her feed is worth following with gorgeous photography of herself, her career, her lifestyle and her adorable son as well as swoon-worthy travel destinations. Check out her page now!



Yen is a mother influencer with 3 kids.  She is also a foodie who enjoys cooking and trying new local delights. She updates her social media account regularly with pictures of her adorable kids and mouth-watering foods. As a hands-on mother, Yen will prepare meals for her family regularly.  She also shares her recipes regularly with well-made videos. Follow her on your Instagram now! 

Zoe Raymond

Zoe Raymond is a mother influencer who has a huge number of followers! Currently, she has 81K followers! She documents her lovely family moments on her Instagram account. Her feed is all about her two adorable kids, family life and fun parenting journey! Time to check out this happy mum on your Instagram!


As a personal trainer, postpartum specialist, and mother of three daughters, Vanny is a super mom with a hectic schedule. Her feed is worth following with her post on her family life and everything about training and beauty. Check out her post for some inspiration on how she juggles her roles. 


Skincare, health, parenthood, pets and local delights – Joanne updates her Instagram account regularly with pictures of everything she loves! She is a working mother with an adorable daughter. Despite the hectic working schedule, she has been spending quality time with her daughter and her family. Follow her on your Instagram now!