DIY Home Decor Projects for Your Kids’ Rooms

Need to decorate your child’s otherwise bare and plain room?

Need to decorate your child’s otherwise bare and plain room? Here’s a list of DIY projects you could add to your child’s room across budget and effort levels. (source: Shutterstock)

Childhood is such a precious time. And every parent wants to spend this time with their kids as best as they can, giving them the room and space to explore their unique gifts and strengths – with plenty of fun, of course!

Make your child’s room their very own sanctuary to play and rest, and one personalized to their character traits and interests. Here are DIY décor ideas and projects that you can embark on, ranging across extent, budget and effort levels for that quick sprucing up or complete makeover.

We’ve done the hard work for you – just pick and choose from the myriad of options and the suppliers’ designs here, and make your child’s room their very own.

Chalkboard paint for the wall

Chalkboard wall for your kids to doddle and draw to their hearts' desire

Want to release the hidden Picasso in your child? Or simply the freedom to doddle and draw to their hearts’ content? (source: Crate&Barrel)

·      Smarter Surfaces – commercial-grade matte black finish that promises to wipe away easily with a damp cloth;

·      Annie Sloan Chalk Paint – from Big Blue Trunk who is the exclusive distributor of the series of chalkboard paint in a wide palette of colours from pastel to black;

·      Art Friend – chalkboard paint that can be used on a variety of surfaces, including glass, ceramics, wood, canvas, etc;

·      Nippon Dulux Blackboard Paint – from Hwa Soon Paints, in black and green colour options;

·      Frenchic Wall Paint – as the name suggests, French-y pink promises to be luxurious and practical “Bon Bon” paint that is sure to delight many a little girl’s heart.

Wallpapers & Murals

Wallpaper Murals for your kids' room

Create a central with wallpapers and mural art that speaks of their personality and interests. (source: Shutterstock)

This can also be a fun time shopping with your child as you give them ownership over the theme for their room.

·      Hello Circus – wide range of wallpaper art for children, from jungle to ocean to park, whether in shapes, icons or patterned;

·      HONPO – catalogued for boys and girls, from space or pirate themes for “the mighty little guy” and ballerinas or unicorns for “the little princess”;

·      Kids Haven – mural and prints, including striped or patterned prints;

·      Piccolo House – if you don’t fancy having the entire wall patterned, options here include partial top or bottom wallpapers that spark the imagination;

·      Craft Axis –artsy options that infuse the museum vibe for that artistic child;

·      Wall SG – wallpapers infused with the Disney charm, from Lego bricks to hot-air balloons;

·      Wallhub – achieve the blend of child-likeness with the Nordic look, Scandinavian minimalism that is soothing yet fun;

·      Sen Wall Coverings – diversity of colours and styles from infants to children of varying ages;

·      Goodrich Global – “designed for playful learning,” motifs here are unapologetically bold;

·      Tenstickers – especially suitable for the newborn’s nursery.

Customised Wallpaper

Take a step further to customise the wallpaper to be unique to your child’s tastes and interests with the following suppliers:

·      Wallhub – customised designs that are printed specifically to your wall dimensions – such that there would be no joint lines – making for a seamless wall;

·      HONPO – prints here can be taken from your own picture or photo and made on a range of materials you can choose from – into wallpaper, stickers or flooring.

Lighting effects

Lights set the ambience for your kid’s room.

Lights set the ambience for your kid’s room. (source: Shutterstock)

We all know the difference that lighting makes to a room – the environment changes can spark imagination in the daytime or soothe and calm kids down at night to prepare them for bed. Choose from a host of different options to add the right lighting effects to their room.

·      Horizon Lights – boasting one of the largest catalogues in Singapore;

·      Kids Haven – kiddy-styled lampshades to add that touch of playfulness;

·      Pottery Barn Kids – wide range of lamp designs from Star Wars to unicorns to personalised name wall lights;

·      IKEA – the everyday store also boasts of a range of children’s lighting that are fun yet wallet-friendly;

·      Deer Industries – character lamps from Mr. Maria series, from Miffy, Mr. Lion, Snuffy, Elephant and Polar Bear;

·      Lighting Shop Singapore – ceiling light designs in a variety of shapes and characters.

Flooring for Kids

Choose flooring that is child-friendly.

Choose flooring that is child-friendly – floors that are slip-proof and yet easy to maintain given the energy and mishaps (think crayon or marker stains, spills and accidents) that little ones are prone to. (source: Shutterstock)

Vinyl Flooring

Most would recommend vinyl flooring for your child’s room as it looks good and is water and spill-proof and scratch-resistant as well. Here are some of our top choices below.

·      Floor Xpert – made in Belgium, Floor Xpert backs up their quality claims with lifetime warranty for workmanship and up to 20 years on its vinyl flooring. They also have a large selection of vinyls to choose from;

·      Evorich – its Evo HERF is proprietary eco-friendly flooring that is 100% water-proof and termite-free that is also highly slip-resistant. They also boost of lifetime warranty for residential installations for peace of mind;

·      Floorrich – affordable, non-toxic vinyl flooring specialist.

Laminate Flooring

Another option is to use laminate flooring, which is known to be durable and scratch-resistant. In particular, laminate floors are resistant to organic solvents found in crayons and markers, so there’s no need to worry about stains anymore!

·      The Floor Gallery – check with the supplier in terms of the differences between laminate and vinyl flooring to make your decision.

Carpet Tile Flooring

Carpet tiles provide an additional cushioned surface that helps to soften falls and reduce the risk of injury. So, parents need not worry about the rough-and-tumble playtime!

Not only are these safe and comfortable, but carpet tiles are also durable and can be vacuumed or spot-cleaned and maintained easily.

·      HONPO – check with the supplier for the range of carpet tiles and their advantages when installing them for your children’s room.

With the plentiful options of sprucing or adding décor for your children’s room, what are you waiting for?

Start having fun with your kids as you re-imagine and enliven their rooms with them to make many happy memories in.