Top Father’s Day Gifts for Every Type of Dad

Let’s give it up for dads everywhere who have sacrificed so much and worked so hard for their families. They’re little girls’ first loves and boys’ first heroes. So, how will you show Dad just how much he means to you this Father’s Day? From a new pair of kicks to the latest must-have gadget, finding the perfect gift can be a challenge, especially when most dads seem to have everything, don’t they?

The question you need to ask yourself is what your dad is into. Is he a culinary master, a tech enthusiast, or a fitness fanatic? Perhaps he falls into one or more categories, which means you have an even wider choice. Let us help you narrow down your options with our picks of Father’s Day gifts to cater to every type of day. Take your pick now!

Photo by Jakub Zerdzicki
The Tech Enthusiast

Have a dad who loves a gadget or two? This Father’s Day, surprise Dad with something that not only satisfies his love for technology but also enhances his every day.

A Smart Home Hub

For a dad who likes to be connected and stay in control of his environment, a smart home hub might just be the perfect choice for him. With a home hub serving as a central command, Dad will be able to control the lights, curtains, and aircon and even stream music from the comfort of his favourite chair. Hey Google, get Dad a smart home hub now!

Brands worth looking at: Google Home, Samsung SmartThings, and Aqara Home

Virtual Reality Headset

How about giving Dad a place to escape with a virtual reality headset? It goes far beyond traditional entertainment and gives him plenty to get excited about. From watching his favourite movies to engaging in intense, realistic gameplay, a virtual reality set is sure to keep Dad entertained.

Brands worth looking at: Oculus, Apple, and PlayStation

The Music Lover

If you have a dad who lives and breathes music, how about something to elevate his listening experience?

High-Quality Headphones

For the dad who loves to immerse himself in his favourite music, a pair of high-quality headphones can enhance the music experience. They offer unmatched audio clarity, comfort, and cutting-edge features that will make every listening session a pleasure. When choosing one, look out for noise cancellation technology, wireless connectivity, long battery life, and, of course, sound quality.

Brands worth looking at: Bose, Audio-Technica, Sony, and Sennheiser

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The Fitness Fanatic

Dads on a fitness journey might just need a little more encouragement to achieve their goals, so keep him going with these picks.

A Smartwatch
If Dad loves a good workout and is always on the run, how about a smartwatch to keep track of his fitness goals and activity? With features like fitness tracking, workout guidance, heart rate monitoring, GPS tracking, sleep tracking, and more, a smartwatch empowers Dad to live a healthier, more active lifestyle.

Brands worth looking at: Apple, Samsung and Google

High-quality Athletic Shoes

To keep Dad on his toes, give him the gift of comfort, performance, and style in a pair of running shoes. When choosing a new pair of kicks for Dad, think about durability, breathability, and comfort, and he’ll be achieving his fitness goals in no time.

Brands worth looking at: Nike, Adidas, Brooks and Asics

Photo by Michael Burrows
The Coffee Lover

For the coffee-loving dad, the art of drinking coffee is more than just a routine—it’s a cherished ritual. So, let’s indulge him in a unique experience that will surely have him savouring each sip.

A Coffee Workshop

If your dad’s day only starts after a cup of freshly brewed coffee, how about taking it up a notch and letting him experiment with new brewing methods at a coffee experience workshop? He’ll be able to sample a variety of coffees, learn about different brewing methods, and deepen his appreciation for his favorite beverage. Now, how about a cuppa?

Places worth looking at: Common Man Coffee Roasters, Kafve Coffee, and The Coffee Academics

Photo by Mehmet Ali Kaya
The Travel Seeker

For the dad who loves to travel, exploring new destinations is what fuels his soul, and nothing beats travelling together as a family. So, how will you inspire his next adventure?

Photography Gear

Love travelling together as a family? Get Dad to capture those precious moments with specialized gear that will let you revisit those memories in years to come. Consider gifts like a compact camera with advanced features, an action camera, or even a lens that can fit on Dad’s smartphone. Complete with a portable tripod, you’re all set for your next adventure with Dad.

Brands worth looking at: Canon, Sony, Dji, GoPro and Nikon

Travel-inspired Art or Decor

Keep the spirit of travel alive at home with travel-inspired art and décor. Get Dad a world map wall art and mark out all the places you’ve been to as a family. Or how about gifting Dad vintage travel posters from his favourite destinations? These thoughtful options will add a touch of nostalgia to his favourite place in the house.

Places worth looking at:, Wallhub, and Hello Circus

And there you have it—our picks of gift ideas for one of the most important men in your life. Here’s wishing all dads and grandads, a Happy Father’s Day!