Power Up with Your $300 Climate Vouchers

Achieve your desired living while minimizing carbon footprint with the latest energy- and water-efficient appliances with Climate Vouchers.
Achieve your desired living while minimizing carbon footprint with the latest energy- and water-efficient appliances with Climate Vouchers. Source: Pexels
Did you know that all HDB households can claim $300 climate vouchers from May to December 2024?

Have you claimed yours? As a joint initiative by NEA and PUB, all HDB households can claim $300 in Climate Vouchers. Similar to the CDC vouchers, only one member needs to claim the vouchers that can be used at participating retailers.

To encourage all Singaporeans to adopt sustainable living, these vouchers can be used to buy 10 types of energy-efficient and water-saving products at most leading retailers across the island.

What and where you can use your $300 Climate Vouchers
Source: The Straits Times
The difference that energy- and water-efficient appliances make

Put simply, the eco-friendly options would directly lower the carbon emissions and contribute to a more livable planet for everyone. While the effects of global warming have meant even hotter and wetter days for us in Singapore, it has been catastrophic for many parts of the world where people have died from severe famines, droughts and heat waves. Our close neighbour Bangkok had seen 30 casualties from heatstroke in the first four months of 2024 alone.

While this is intuitive for us in electric consumption, you may be surprised to know that water conservation also contributes to lower greenhouse gas emissions, as a lot of energy is needed to move, treat and heat water.

The national effort to encourage us to adopt eco-friendly appliances through Climate Vouchers is part of Singapore’s commitment to reduce and eventually achieve net-zero carbon emissions by the second half of the century.

Saving the environment that saves you money
Saving the environment that saves you money, anyone? Source: Pexels
The difference to you, the consumer

Not only would you be contributing to a more sustainable planet for our future generations, but these energy-efficient and water-saving appliances also save you money!

Generally, all electric appliances with more ticks (i.e., higher energy efficiency) would lower their lifecycle costs. Here’s a quick overview of just how much the direct impact is for you.

Estimated savings over lifespan**

Air-conditioner (5-ticks): SGD1,200 to SGD1,500*

TV: From SGD105 and upwards

LED light-bulbs: 25% energy-savings

Washing machines, water taps and shower fittings: Up to 54% less water usage

*Based on estimated 7-year lifespan and 8-hour daily use

**Computations made based on average life spans of appliances, and estimated cost of $0.299 per kWh electricity.

How to choose your eco-friendly appliances that fit your lifestyle
Three tips on choosing your appliances
Three tips on choosing your appliances. Source: Freepik
Right-size your electrical appliances

Finding the best fit for your household needs is the key. For example, an under- or over-sized air-conditioner would mean that you cannot achieve maximum savings. Likewise, select the smallest refrigerator that would cater to your family’s needs so that you are not spending more electricity than needed. Ditto for your clothes dryer.

Think long-term

While energy-efficient appliances generally cost more upfront, they would save you much more over their lifespan. This is the core impetus behind Climate Vouchers – as consumers are typically put off by the higher price tag – the national programme lowers the barrier and allows consumers to experience the benefits for themselves, in a bid to encourage further adoption.

The greater the water efficiency, the better

In short, when it comes to water appliances, the more ticks, the better. For example, the four-tick washing machine that you purchase using your Climate Vouchers would mean 43% water savings!

No better time to go shopping!

So, what are you waiting for? While your Climate Vouchers expire at the end of 2027, there are just so many good reasons to switch up to energy and water-efficient appliances now. Participating retailers have also made the shopping easier by tagging qualifying products in-store with the Climate Voucher label. Here’s to cooler temperatures and a more sustainable future together, today.