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Little Green House
A Perfect Balance of Academic Excellence and Enriching Activities

Since its inception in 2005, Little Green House has been dedicated to nurturing students and shaping them into active listeners, passionate readers, creative writers, and charismatic speakers. Through engaging and interactive learning experiences, Little Green House empowers young minds to grow both academically and socially.

A trusted name in preschool education in Singapore, Little Green House is the fifth-time winner of the Best Literacy Programme Award on Parents World for 2024!


Little Green House is best known for providing a warm and welcoming environment for the little ones, where they bloom and transform into confident Literacy SMART ™ Kids.


The preschool offers a strong literacy programme that seamlessly blends a robust academic curriculum with creative enrichment and hands-on activities to offer a comprehensive educational experience.

Children are immersed in a learning environment where they acquire essential skills through a variety of fun and interactive activities that are meticulously planned by a team of innovative teachers, who strive to inculcate a love for learning in every child.



Let’s delve deeper into the highlights of the Literacy SMART Programme Framework and other features of Little Green House, which helps the brand stay at the top of the list of best preschools in Singapore.


Literacy SMART Programme Framework

The Literacy SMART Programme Framework, adopted by Little Green House, is developed by the curriculum experts from the award-winning Mulberry Learning preschool chain. 


The Literacy SMART ™ programme coaches children to become active listeners, creative writers, passionate readers and charismatic speakers, by focusing on the discovery of the world, aesthetic and creative expression, motor skills development, language and literacy, social & emotional competencies and values and learning dispositions.


Literacy SMART School Environment

Learning is Never Boring at Little Green House

The Literacy SMART Environment at Little Green House is designed with unique elements tailored to benefit the preschoolers in their learning and development:


  • Audio Resources – Students are exposed to engaging and educational materials as every branch of Little Green House is stocked with age-appropriate reading and activity books, audio learning stations and current affairs articles.

Happy and Engaged Learners at Little Green House

In addition to commercial audiobooks, the expert team of teachers has developed a series of exclusive audiobooks for children to enjoy during silent reading time. These specially crafted audiobooks have recordings in the familiar voice of their teachers, which aids the children in absorbing the content efficiently.

  • Theme-Based Learning – A unique theme is adopted every term and children are encouraged to develop their thoughts through stories and visuals around that theme. This approach teaches children the art of expression from a young age and they learn to express themselves confidently and creatively. At the end of the year, students’ works are compiled and presented to parents as a way to celebrate their achievements and encourage exploration.

  • Conducive Learning Environment – Little Green House provides iconic and conducive learning zones designed to foster holistic development in students. These include The Language Lab, The Numeracy Lab, Light & Sound Factory, The Art Lab, and the Exploratory Play areas. Additionally, Little Green House offers exclusive Literacy SMART Challenges, like ‘Spell It Out!’ (Spelling Bee), ‘Hear Ye! Hear Ye!’ (Bilingual Public speaking), and ‘I Am A Budding Writer’ (Anthology), which are unique to the centre and designed to promote progressive literacy development across the terms.”


Watch how Little Green House nurtures the Literacy SMART ™ Kid in this video:


Apart from these elements, many more aspects add to the success of Little Green House as a leading preschool in Singapore.


Dedicated Team of Teachers – At Little Green House, a dedicated team of professional preschool educators, work on developing a child’s full intellectual, social, physical and creative potential. Their teachers go through over 180 hours of comprehensive training to ensure they are fully equipped to teach effectively and provide the best possible care for preschoolers.


Active Participation of Parents – Little Green House actively engages the parents in their preschooler’s educational journey. The teachers work hand-in-hand and provide regular updates on the child’s development. Periodic Parents-teachers conferences, volunteer opportunities and monthly updates ensure that parents play an active role in the child’s development.


Healthy Meals at School – All the centres of Little Green House offer wholesome and nutritious meals to students. Tasty and healthy meals are prepared in line with the Singapore Health Promotion Board.


With all these great offerings, Little Green House strives to create a supportive environment where every child can thrive and reach their full potential.


If you are searching for a similar kindergarten that possesses a robust curriculum and exclusive facilities, look no further than Little Green House where your child’s well-being and holistic development will be the top priorities.

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