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Building character begins in childhood. My Little Kingdom (MLK) provides comprehensive programmes and activities which are meticulously designed to cultivate well-rounded individuals and foster qualities such as compassion, resilience, empathy, and intellect. Dedicated educators provide personalised support and guidance, empowering children to overcome obstacles and reach their full potential, laying the cornerstone for a lifetime of growth and development.



My Little Kingdom is best known for combining robust academic pedagogy with a solid character development programme. Ms Yvonne Yeo, the founder and Principal of MLK believes, “While academic success and being smart is important, inculcating good morals and the right values are just as essential because that will follow through to your child’s lives.”


Fifth-time winner of the title ‘Best in Character and Moral Development’ at Parents World, My Little Kingdom offers a holistic preschool education with the right set of teachers and programmes.


The preschool caters to children from 18 months to 6 years old. Toddlers are engaged through multi-sensory activities to develop the necessary motor and social skills for a lifetime. An expert team of teachers, who have warmth and patience to focus on the individual development of each child, helps them bring out their best character and academic skills, which becomes a solid foundation for the rest of their educational journey.




Character Building at Forefront


MLK’s credo ‘children come first’ is manifested by creating a patient and nurturing environment that allows students to feel at ease and cared for. Based on this premise, children are nurtured into caring and strong-charactered individuals.

my little kingdom
A Happy Learning Environment that Shapes Confident Learners

The moral values and character development program at MLK focuses on:

  • Respecting others

  • Being friendly and polite

  • Helping others

  • Being confident

  • Being thoughtful 


These values are inculcated among students through various activities like games, storytelling, arts and crafts and constant reinforcement by teachers.


A Robust Academic Curriculum


Since each child has a distinct strength, MLK has adopted an academic curriculum that is based on Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligence, which recognises eight distinct intelligences for children to identify with. These intelligences are – visual-spatial, verbal-linguistic, musical, logical-mathematical, interpersonal, intrapersonal, naturalistic and bodily-kinesthetic.

A Dynamic Learning Environment at My Little Kingdom

MLK provides opportunities for preschoolers to engage in diverse activities that tap into the eight intelligences, aiding them in recognising and connecting with their strengths.


A Holistic Learning Experience


The school offers a nurturing and ideal environment where students can discover more about themselves and at the same time seamlessly connect with the larger world outside. The comprehensive set of framework and activities at MLK include:


  • Learning Corner – A specialised activities area to promote independent play and self-discovery.

  • Bilingual Immersion – Knowing more than one language is an important 21st-century trait; hence, at MLK, both Mandarin and English are equally emphasised.

  • Latest Learning Principles – Preschoolers are offered inter-connected learning opportunities for an interdisciplinary understanding. A range of activities and learning materials are developed by teachers who are experts in childhood learning to promote interdisciplinary learning.

  • Nutritious Meals – The school serves a balanced and healthy meal so parents don’t have to worry about packing healthy food every day.

  • Nap Time – Two hours of nap time for students to rejuvenate mentally and physically.

With a strong curriculum and holistic learning environment, MLK students develop the following qualities by the time they are ready to start Primary One:


  • Word-Smart – by focusing on reading and writing on a subject 

  • Self-Smart – by focusing on self-reflection and self-assessment

  • Body-Smart – by focusing on motor skills 

  • Nature-Smart – by using elements in the natural world

  • Logic-Smart – by analysing problems and using mathematical intelligence

  • Picture-Smart – by learning through visual aids like diagrams and maps

  • People-Smart – by meaningful conversations and group work

  • Music-Smart – by learning through rhymes, singing and instruments

What parents say about My Little Kingdom


“Would like to express heartfelt gratitude to Ms Yvonne for a wonderful 4.5 years for my elder daughter and 3 years and counting for my younger daughter. Special thanks to teachers Chua, Su Laoshi and Qin Laoshi for nurturing my elder daughter all these years. We have seen her grow in all aspects into a well-adjusted child and we are confident she will ease into primary school with no problems 🙂 MLK is the reason we can go to work daily without any worries as we entrust our daughters into their care. Keep up the good work and thank you so much! ❤.” – Grace Ong 


“MLK’s programmes are family-orientated and very well carried out, exceeding our expectations always. Teachers are professional and dedicated and would speak with us daily at pick up on how the child behaves and we are assured that he is drinking and eating enough. The centre at Hillford is also well-lit and clean. Would recommend this preschool to any parent looking for a safe learning space for their kids!” – Chelsea Wan


My Little Kingdom stands out as a premier preschool, offering more than just a local kindergarten experience. It provides toddlers with a holistic education that shapes their lives for the long term.


Are you also seeking the perfect first school experience for your child? My Little Kingdom will meet your expectations and offer a great headstart to your child in school life.


Get in touch now with My Little Kingdom to start your child’s preschool journey.


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