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Give your child a complete education with an exclusive Trilingual Program at ChildFirst Pre-school


ChildFirst Pre-school recognizes the crucial role of proficiency in English, Chinese, and Coding in today’s evolving digital world. The premium pre-school achieves this through an exceptional iUnique curriculum, blending exposure to Artificial Intelligence, Human Intelligence (critical thinking, creativity, problem-solving skills) and Multiple Intelligences into their program.  In 2023, their K2 children triumphed in the National Robotics Competition, winning 6 out of 9 awards, including the coveted Overall Champion, Best Artec Robot Design Award, Best Presentation Award, Best Robot Performance Awards and more!

ChildFirst Pre-school’s K2 children won the Overall Champion title in the National Robotics Competition 2023.
  • ChildFirst Pre-school is the first trilingual pre-school in Singapore, offering a unique learning experience with full immersion in the three vital languages worldwide– English, Chinese, and Coding.
  • Children will learn the essential future-ready AI skills such as Computational Thinking, Coding, Robotics and Virtual Reality (VR) in the school.
  • ChildFirst Pre-school prepares children for academic excellence with its proven English program that focuses on Phonics, reading, creative writing, and even literature appreciation such as Shakespeare and poetry.
  • The Chinese Rapid Word Recognition (CRWR-快字通) programme introduces children to recognising Chinese characters effectively. The learning of Chinese words is further enhanced and made more interesting via the use of “Rhyme and Stories”, helping them to remember the words effortlessly.


An Excellent Trilingual Learning Environment for Every Child

Coding is the essential language for AI and robots. At ChildFirst Pre-school, PN children are introduced to coding fundamentals through enjoyable and purposeful play. This includes developing pre-coding skills like sequencing, creating patterns, and understanding simple instructions. Starting from N2 onwards, they begin learning to code “unplugged” without screens, progressing to programming robots using a tap pen controller and directional programming cards.

AI program such as ChatGPT is used innovatively to enrich children’s learning experience.
English & Chinese

Acknowledging that language acquisition is most effective through an immersive environment. ChildFirst Pre-school achieves this by providing a half-day dedicated to both languages daily. The school focuses on fostering a robust language foundation, emphasizing listening, speaking, phonics, and vocabulary from the PN level. This prepares the children for creative writing and journal documentation in K1 and K2. In the Chinese Program, ChildFirst Pre-school utilizes an in-house-developed toolbox, including the Chinese Rapid Word Recognition System, “Rhyme and Stories,” and Chinese Readers story books to enhance language skills in children.


“I like the school’s half-day immersion programme, where lessons are conducted entirely in Chinese for half a day, and English for the other half. The school’s Chinese Rapid Word Recognition Programme has a holistic approach to helping young children see Chinese characters come to life, through engaging videos and songs.”

Parents of Letitia Lim

“Maho’s English has improved tremendously, and she has even started conversing in Mandarin with confidence.”

Parents of Maho and Mashizu

“Lachlan has acquired invaluable social skills through play, role-play, storytelling, ‘show-&-tell’ (both in English & Mandarin) and learning about AI & robots (through coding)!”

Parents of Lachlan


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ChildFirst Pre-school

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