Cambridge Pre-School – “Best in STEAM Curriculum”

With an immersive iSTEAM curriculum, Cambridge Pre-school ensures your child is well-equipped with the skills needed for a successful future 


As one of Singapore’s premier preschools, Cambridge Pre-school has been awarded the Parents World‘s Best in iSTEAM Curriculum for 5 consecutive years. What sets Cambridge Pre-school apart from other preschools in Singapore is its well-rounded iSTEAM Curriculum offering children a unique learning experience.  Cambridge Pre-school provides an immersive environment where its children pick up skills in the areas of Innovation, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (iSTEAM) while unlocking their creative potential and lifelong love for learning.

  • Cambridge Pre-school is dedicated to exposing children to iSTEAM knowledge through carefully crafted, developmentally appropriate activities as follows:
    • For Infant: iSTEAM Exploratory Curriculum

The program introduces infants to the basic concepts of science, such as cause and effect, and observation, encouraging them to explore their environment and engage in sensory experiences for cognitive development.


    • For Toddler & N1: iSTEAM Discovery Curriculum

It emphasises on developing foundational skills such as spatial awareness, logical reasoning and early coding concepts. Children will engage in activities related to topics such as light forms, living things, sound formations, basic structures, and pre-coding.

Children are engaged in a light and shadow experiment.
    • For N2, K1 & K2: iSTEAM Inquiry Curriculum

There are ample opportunities for children to engage in hands-on, investigative and inquiry-based learning experiences. They will participate in activities such as simple and compound machines, forensics, coding and animations, sustainability, and weather and disasters. K1 and K2 children will take on iSTEAM exciting projects such as extracting DNA, coding and robotics, building circuits, and creating chemical reactions.

Children are designing a tsunami-resistant house.
Children acquire teamwork skills as they collaborate to reach a common goal.
  • Cambridge Pre-school has integrated AI into teaching and learning practices in the classroom. Also, they have been featured on Channel-8 “Hello Singapore”, for introducing EdGPT, a voice-activated version of ChatGPT to engage K1 and K2 children.
  • Cambridge Pre-school also offers exceptional enrichment classes without extra charge.

Cambridge @ Robertson: Japanese Culture and Multi-Sports Enrichment
Cambridge @ Fernvale: Junior Multi-Sports Enrichment
Cambridge @ Serangoon Gardens: Swimming and Junior Soccer Enrichment
Cambridge @ Kingsford Waterbay: Swimming Enrichment
Cambridge @ Artra Alexandra: Multi-Sports Enrichment

  • The pre-school strives to help children build a strong foundation in iSTEAM, English and Chinese Language and the development of Multiple Intelligences, Character, Executive Function and Mindfulness, nurturing them to be successful, cheerful, and lifelong learners.

Cambridge Pre-school boasts a widespread presence across Asia with 34 pre-schools and more will be opening soon. There are 10 Cambridge Pre-schools in Singapore. Kindly click here to book a tour of your preferred centre.

  • Cambridge @ Artra Alexandra
  • Cambridge @ Dairy Farm
  • Cambridge @ Fernvale
  • Cambridge @ Holland
  • Cambridge @ Kingsford Waterbay
  • Cambridge @ Macpherson
  • Cambridge @ Midwood
  • Cambridge @ Robertson
  • Cambridge @ Sengkang
  • Cambridge @ Serangoon
Cambridge Pre-school

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