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online tuitions Singapore
Online Tuitions in Singapore

Whether students are in Primary, Secondary, or Junior College, finding quality tuition options in Singapore to support their academic journey is a top priority for many families. Particularly during the COVID era, the demand for online tuition in Singapore has surged, offering the convenience of studying from home with a competent tutor.

Home-based learning became increasingly popular during the pandemic, prompting students and parents to recognize the benefits of online tuition, including saving time and hassle associated with travel.

In response to this growing demand, numerous online tuition providers have emerged and thrived in recent years, offering a wide range of subjects and expertise to cater to the diverse needs of students. Let’s take a closer look at a few of these options.

Trustworthy Online Tuitions in Singapore:



88tuition offers expert and experienced teachers, top-notch learning materials and AI-generated worksheets from preschool to O-Levels. Driven by the social objective of offering robust academic support, the tuition centre offers e-learning packages starting from $9 per subject per month and live tutorials start from $108 for 4 classes.


Since 88tuition uses AI-generated worksheets for students, the material can be personalised to focus on improving the weak areas and offering better control to students as to what they want to practice more. The tuition facility or learning materials can be leveraged from students’ devices like laptops, tablets or mobile anytime, anywhere.


DBS Cardholders enjoy a 10% discount.




EDOOVO specialises in offering online tuition in Singapore to preschoolers and early primary school students. Their proprietary curriculum in English, Math and Chinese subjects, is fully aligned to Singapore’s educational framework.


EDOOVO offers well-trained online teachers who are degree-holders in specific subjects. EDOOVO’s online classes have a low teacher-child ratio.

The online tuition platform specialises in age-appropriate learning materials that are engaging and help young students in mastering concepts as well as for after-class practice.


EDOOVO’s pricing structure is based on a ‘credit’ system, allowing you to purchase credit packages that can be exchanged for your child’s lessons. 




Geniebook is a well-known online tuition platform in Singapore that harps on the power of artificial intelligence to help students master their strengths and weaknesses. Their learning products combine live lessons, recorded classes and AI-generated worksheets in different subjects that are unlimited.


Geniebook has an experienced team of teachers who are available to feedback or clear doubts in the fastest time possible when students need help during practising worksheets.


What attracts the children most about Geniebook is the learning rewards that are offered to students to motivate them to study more. The learning rewards can be redeemed for interesting gifts that the portal offers.

Students concentrate better and enjoy self-paced learning
Mastering Concepts from the Comfort of home (image credit: sassy mama)



Maths is indeed a tricky subject and the most common subject for which students need tuition with an expert tutor. JIMMY Maths offers online math courses for primary and secondary grades.


JIMMY Maths has multiple online resources on its website that help students in self-paced learning without travelling to tuition centres. Some of such resources are Useful Tricks to Solve Math Problems Easily, Maths Revision Notes for PSLE and Secondary grades, 50 Common Mistakes in Maths and so on. They also conduct live Math Tuition Classes for P3 to P6 via Zoom at their affiliated Tuition Centre, Grade Solution Learning Centre.


Typically, tuition centres provide weekly sessions, but students often struggle to retain concepts due to insufficient practice opportunities. That’s why JIMMY Maths offers online math courses, ensuring students have continuous opportunities for revision and reinforcement. Additionally, they offer assistance with questions students may find challenging.




Singapore’s leading elearning platform, Koobits has a rich pool of self-learning resources, especially designed for 6-12 years old. There is no one-on-one tutoring at Koobits and children learn effectively through animation, practices and challenges.


The focus of Koobits is to provide study plans to Primary 1 to 6 students in a way that helps kids master the concepts first through engaging videos and then provide them with endless practice questions and feedback to prepare for the exams.


Online tuition apps are essential to try out because they provide individualised attention and help students utilize their digital time effectively. Not only they offer the convenience of learning from the comfort of home but also reduce parents’ effort in dropping and picking kids to and from tuitions.