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With over 20 years of experience in the local childcare space, you can count on Star Learners Child Care to best support your child’s early years. Its award-winning literature-based curriculum immerses every child in rich and exciting worlds and opens up a world of opportunities for them to tackle concepts in multiple learning areas. Through its integration with a robust activity-based approach, children learn a multitude of essential skills such as problem-solving, creative and critical thinking, and communication.


It is no doubt that using literature as a teaching tool has its benefits. It sparks imagination, fosters language development, and cultivates a love for reading from a young age, laying the foundation for lifelong learning. At Star Learners, every learning moment begins with a book, and it is through this that they have developed their literature-based curriculum. But what exactly are the benefits of this approach?


Children are invited to explore and delve into the world of picture books, where they’ll meet a colourful cast of characters bound to ignite their curiosity every step of the way. Through these captivating stories, they will see the world through different lenses and learn how to empathise and consider viewpoints beyond their own.


At Star Learners, a new adventure always awaits. By reading with children rather than just to them, educators engage them in dialogues where they collaboratively interpret situations, events, objects and relationships. Through this process, children bring prior knowledge to current context and construct meaning together.

Fostering Critical Thinking Skills

The educators at Star Learners guide children to analyse, evaluate, predict and draw conclusions from their readings. This helps cultivate a deeper understanding of the issues covered in their curated list of award-winning picturebooks and encourages the development of critical thinking skills.

Early Literacy and Visual Literacy Development

Children immersed in a literature-rich environment are undoubtedly given the tools to become confident and proficient little readers. As they make their way through a plethora of narratives, they don’t just expand their vocabulary and comprehension; they also develop visual literacy skills—something that’s crucial in today’s visually-driven world.

Cultivating a Love for Learning

Stories allow children to embark on a new adventure each time. With every page they turn, they get insights into diverse cultures, are enthralled by fascinating ideas, and realise just how big the world is. But that’s not all. The impact of the book continues long after the story ends, with the lessons taught finding their way into children’s lives and shaping their understanding of themselves and their experiences.

A Strong Foundation for Every Child

It’s never too early to immerse your child in the incredible world of the written word. For children 18 months to 6 years old, the Star Learners’ Child Care Programme immerses children in an enriching environment where every lesson is an adventure. With authentic, award-winning children’s literature combined with expert techniques, children are developed holistically and are empowered to embark on a lifelong journey of learning and exploration. Read more about it here.

This love for learning is cultivated at an even earlier stage in Star Learners’ Infant Care Programme. Little ones are exposed to stories, songs, and so much more,  while focusing on sensorial exploration that supports motor skills development. Beyond that,  its team of infant educators makes meaningful connections and builds strong bonds with the little ones, allowing them to feel safe and secure to explore the world around them. Curious to find out what a typical day at their infant care centre looks like? Click here.

Beyond Stories

At Star Learners, children also enjoy an array of complementary programmes such as Math, Chinese, character development, and more to develop them holistically.

  • Starting from the playgroup level, Write a Rainbow™is a programme dedicated to developing children’s writing skills to give each child a voice through their stories.
  • Stanley Starfish™ is Star Learners’ bespoke character programme. Through a series of captivating stories starring Stanley, children learn vital character traits such as respect, gratitude, and responsibility.
  • When it comes to Mandarin, it’s all about learning the language in a fun way. With Le Zhong Xue, Shi Zhong Xue (中学,施中学), lessons are made fun and interactive through games, experiments, dramatisation, and of course, picture books.
  • At Star Learners, introducing children to sports is just as important. Through Ready Steady Go Kids, Australia’s most reputable multi-sport and exercise programme for preschoolers, children will pick up on the importance of sportsmanship and teamwork as they experience various sports like golf, hockey, soccer, and baseball.
  • Children will pick up comprehensive mathematical skills in the Math Programme. From Numbers and Operations to Data Representation and Analysis, this programme ensures that children will be ready for formal schooling.
  • In the Reading Programme, children will master 44 English sounds and spelling patterns with the help of the Code Cracker Synthetic Phonics Programme.

“Star Learners @ Bukit Batok has journeyed alongside us the past 7+ years—allowing us to entrust our 3 children to the care of the school throughout their pre-school years.”

– Andrew & Amy, Parents of Star Learners, Bukit Batok

“My daughter has progressed by leaps and bounds and comes home eager to go back to school each day—an ethos Teacher Pauline wanted to instil in all children.”

– Mr Su, Parent at Star Learners, Bishan


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