Chatsworth Preschool @Clementi Woods – “Best in Sensorial Experiences”

BOTB_Preschool 2024-25 (2nd Time Winner)

Nestled amidst the serene beauty of Clementi Woods Park, Chatsworth Preschool @ Clementi Woods offers a truly unique learning experience. Surrounded by lush greenery spanning approximately 25,000 sqft, children are immersed in a natural wonderland where they are encouraged to explore and learn freely. This learning ethos cultivates self-awareness, elevates consciousness, and enhances sensory acuity, enriching their developmental journey.

Chatsworth Preschool @ Clementi Woods offers both full and half-day Infant Care from ages two months to 17 months and Preschool services from 18 months to 6 years.


Exclusive Curriculum

Chatsworth Preschool @ Clementi Woods has its very own exclusive curriculum, Progressively Moving Towards a Naturistic Curriculum, guided by the Pedagogical Industry Leader, Ms. Nancy Lee–Wong. The preschool’s teaching pedagogy is closely aligned with the Nurturing Early Learners (NEL) – A Curriculum Framework for Kindergartens in Singapore, developed by the Ministry of Education, Singapore. The school focuses on six core learning areas: Social and Emotional Development, Discovery of the World, Language and Literacy, Numeracy, Aesthetics and Creative Expression, and Motor Skills Development.

The preschool practices respect and autonomy for the children through child-led lessons and activities. The teachers at Chatsworth support the children in their learning experience as guides, edu-carers, and facilitators, working as a team to ensure the optimum development of every child.

Holistic Innovative Education

Chatsworth Preschool @ Clementi Woods adheres to a holistic approach to Early Childhood Education, providing the children with an environment that stimulates innovation and creativity. The boutique preschool is headed by Ms. Banazir, who sets high standards for her dedicated staff and encourages them to continually achieve and surpass these standards.

Chatsworth Preschool also caters to the Japanese Community living around Clementi Woods by offering high–quality  Japanese programmes to their children. The school has specially hired Ms. Mai Yamaoka, who is trained in Early Childhood Care and Education as the school’s Head of Japanese (Preschool) section.

Learning with Nature

At Chatsworth, learning from nature is not a weekly or fortnightly extracurricular activity but rather a daily learning experience seamlessly woven into their holistic educational approach. Children experience nature in a wholesome way every day as they observe and learn from trees and the living habitats of bugs, birds, squirrels, and even small reptiles. They absorb all the various sounds and smells of nature, forging a deep connection with the natural world.

In a first by any preschool in Singapore, lessons at Chatsworth @ Clementi Woods are only conducted Mondays to Thursdays, with Fridays being completely dedicated to exploration in nature. The children look forward in excitement to T.G.I.F. as it’s a day when both children and teachers let down their hair and engage in fun and frolic. They get their hands dirty on Messy Play Day, go on a Scavenger Hunt, jump for joy at the Bouncy Castle, go crazy creative with Crazy Hair Day, and create many wonderful moments and memories together.

With the aim of raising children to be conscientious consumers, Chatsworth Preschool guides children towards a Sustainable World. Through hands-on experiences, children learn to optimize resources by upcycling, recycling, and reusing materials for school projects.

Inclusivity in Diversity

The Chatsworth family is made up of different international ethnicities, cultures, and backgrounds that come together as a cohesive unit. The children and staff at the preschool celebrate diversity by partaking in each other’s culture and traditions while at the same time embracing inclusiveness and equality.

The preschool ensures parent engagement by way of Parent Involvement Projects and other school activities. Parents are encouraged to partner with teachers in their child’s development and progress. At the end of each term, families gather and participate in school events to support their child’s learning journey.


Take a look at what Chatsworth @ Clementi Woods parents have to say about the preschool:

“We really like the school. We can tell that Isaac is really thriving here. The teachers are very caring. I feel that the way the teachers teach him is aligned to how we believe parenting should be. What we really appreciate about Chatsworth is that there is very open and interactive feedback from the teachers on a day-to-day basis. They are always giving us updates about Isaac at school and also giving us feedback on how we should continue with his education at home as well. So, it’s like an integrated home-school journey for Isaac.”

 Isaac’s parents


It’s been wonderful to be with Chatsworth through the pandemic and post pandemic. It’s been a really warm, welcoming place and it’s made a huge difference on how we settled down in Singapore. And there are two really special things that have meant a lot to our family: 1) The outdoor play. Tara loves it and she reminds us to look at the pictures and the videos the teacher sent of the outdoor play. 2) Her friends and teachers. Tara is very happy here with her friends and the wonderful teachers make a huge difference in making sure that the classroom is a happy and fun place. A big thank you to the teachers for making it special and for making sure that our children are not just taken care of but having fun with each other.” 

– Sahana Ghosh, Tara’s mother