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Raising happy, healthy, well-articulated and confident children—giving them a strong start in life


Ace @ Work is a trusted education brand in Singapore with 4 childcare centres, 16 student care centres and more than 2200 students under their care.  With 26 years of experience in the local childcare space, you can count on Ace @ Work to best support your child’s early childhood education. The premium preschool ignites kids’ love for learning by offering a well-rounded curriculum for both their full-day and half-day programmes. 

  • Ace @ Work offers an exceptional curriculum integrated with right-brain development techniques, fully aligned with MOE’s Nurturing Early Learners Framework.


  • Ace @ Workis a proud recipient of the Singapore Excellence Award, a testimony to the school’s remarkable success in providing premium early childhood education and quality leadership, innovation and performance in their services.


  • Ace @ Work strives to provide well-balanced and healthy meals to their students. The Centre Principals and Cooks have attended culinary training, acquiring the skills to create healthy and delicious menus.
Ace @ Work provides a conducive learning environment for their children.

Ace @ Work childcare’s curriculum encompasses a range of developmental core and enrichment modules as follows:

Holistic Curriculum with An Integrated Approach

Ace @ Work adopts an integrated thematic approach towards its curriculum which is fully aligned with MOE standards. Children’s learning takes place across the following areas:

  • Character Development
  • English and Chinese Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Motor Skills Development
  • Music & Movement
  • Visual Arts
  • Social-Emotional Competencies
  • Values
  • Learning Dispositions
Children develop reading skills and phonetic understanding through the use of in-house placards.
In-House Speech & Drama Classes

At Ace @ Work, the Speech and Drama session is conducted weekly by their in-house Speech and Drama Specialists. Utilising songs, rhymes, and call-and-response activities, younger children enhance their vocabulary and develop confidence in expressing themselves. As children advance to the kindergarten level, they engage in a variety of drama techniques such as role-play, performances, and games. This not only fosters their social-emotional skills but also nurtures them into becoming confident communicators.

Table Tennis Class

Led by Singapore Table Tennis Association Coach, Ace @ Work’s Table Tennis Enrichment
Class is highly popular among their young participants. A former student who started his
table tennis journey at Ace @ Work has now officially become a member of the Junior
Development Squad under the Singapore Table Tennis Association while attending primary

In the Table Tennis class, children will develop fundamental table tennis skills, including techniques such as:
– Shakehand grip
– Penhold grip
– Bounce the ball on the spot and move
– Foothold concept
– Ready position
– Backhand and forehand concept and more

Music Appreciation

Each of our centres is equipped with an extensive array of musical instruments, including ukulele, xylophone, glockenspiel, rhythm stick, shaker, triangle, and more. The exposure to musical instruments serves to cultivate children’s appreciation for music and enhances their understanding of fundamental elements such as beat, tempo and pitch.

Effective holistic development is further enhanced through an outdoor learning journey.

“I have seen my daughter thrive and improve leaps and bounds since joining the school. Her speech and vocabulary have improved tremendously. She is more sociable now and does not shy away from making new friends. I also appreciate the teachers’ constant updates about the activities conducted in class and for sharing the pictures with us parents. We need to know that our children are in good hands while we are out working and Ace @ Work CCK 703 is one such place!”

Aishah Junneil (Childcare CCK703)

 “I observed a big difference in my children. They are happier and more willing to be themselves and imagine without boundaries. I believe Ms Iris Lee, Miss Jing and Miss Nicia and all the other ACE teachers have played an instrumental role in allowing this to happen. I am writing this review more to express my gratitude to this wonderful group of teachers and share my experience with other young parents.”

Marcus Lim (Childcare Cashew Heights)


Ace @ Work has 4 childcare centres: Jurong East (288B), Cashew Heights, Choa Chu Kang (757) and Choa Chu Kang (703). Click here to register your interest now.


Ace @ Work Childcare


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