15 Must-Do Fun Activities for Kids in Singapore

Searching for fun activities for kids in Singapore? There is a long list with a variety of children’s activities in Singapore, which comprises different sorts of experiences – art, aqua, life skills, adventure, thrill, and edutainment.

fun activities for kids in Singapore
Singapore Offers Many Fun Options for Kids

While it’s not possible to capture every fun activity for kids that the island of Singapore offers, here are a selected few that should be at the top of your list.



fun activities for kids in Singapore
Endless Fun in Water

Talk of fun activities for kids in Singapore, and kids will unanimously vote for a day at the water park. Hydrodash at Palawan Beach, Sentosa, is one of the only floating aqua parks and is tremendously loved by children. So spend a day at HydroDash and Climb, crawl, hang, slide, and jump off into the sea.


Wild Wild Wet


It’s worth mentioning Wild Wild Wet as it’s just another great water park that is loved by all kids in Singapore. Situated in Pasir Ris, it is the largest water park in Singapore and is designed to deliver a day full of splash and thrills for the entire family. Wild Wild Wet is another level of fun for kids in Singapore.


Qian Hu Fish Farm

Unique Experience at Long Kang Fishing

If you are looking for a fish farm in Western Singapore, then Qian Hu Fish Farm is the best bet. With $7 for 30 minutes, kids can do long kang fishing and catch darting mollies and cichlids and bring them back home or release them into the pond.


D’Best Fishing


Outdoor activities like fishing and prawn-catching bring kids close to nature and allow them to know the marine life. The fishing activities at the D’Best Fishing, at Pasir Ris Central, are among the top fun activities for kids in Singapore, where kids can enjoy sure-catch fishing activities and boost their morale by successfully catching fish and prawns.


Bollywood Veggies


What used to be like a day-to-day life for those who grew up in the 70s and early 80s is a fun experience specially created for kids. Yes, we are talking about a typical farm experience. And, when we talk of farms in Singapore, Bollywood Veggies is the first name that comes to our mind. A visit to this farm offers a full day of edutainment, allowing kids to gain first-hand experience in growing the vegetables and fruits that they eat.


Jurassic Mile (Free entry)


Kids always find Jurassic World fun and intriguing. Thanks to Jurassic Mile at Changi airport, you can walk in free of cost and enjoy 20 different pre-historic creatures from nine different species stretching over 1 kilometre of the cycling and jogging path. You can combine the activity with some workout by covering this 1-kilometre stretch by cycling or jogging.

Jurassic Nest

Fun activities for kids in Singapore
Dine among Dinosaurs

If you are looking for more Jurassic fun, make Jurassic Nest your next destination. Opened in November 2022, Jurassic Nest is a food court in Gardens by the Bay where you can enjoy Michelin-rated cuisine in a Jurassic-style setting. Tall Dinosaur structures that are automated to move and perform during designated show timings keep the kids busy and entertained.

Museum of Ice Cream

Eternal Favourite - Ice Creams on Exhibit

Singapore’s latest Ice Cream Museum is a rage among kids, especially those who love ice cream! The pink interiors, ice cream vending machines, banana and cherry swings, and an array of ice creams, some named after celebrities like Brad Pistachio and Gurmint Singh, ensure that this fun activity in Singapore creates a memorable experience for visitors.


Maze Fun at Jewel


Mazes are fun for both kids and adults. If you are looking for non-strenuous fun activities for kids in Singapore, head to Jewel at Changi Airport, which has two mazes – Hedge Maze and Mirror Maze (kaleidoscopic escapade), where you can have a light-hearted adventure while making your way out of the tricky mazes.


Pony Ride at Gallop Stable

fun activities for kids in Singapore
A Horse Back Ride with Safety and Confidence

Riding ponies and horses sounds like great fun, not only for kids but also for adults. The Gallop Stable in Bukit Timah and Pasir Ris is a one-stop destination for enjoying horseback and pony rides in a safe environment.


Lockdown – Escape Room


If you are looking for some unconventional entertainment for your not-so-young kids, then enjoy some brain tickle at an escape room in Singapore. Head down to Lockdown, a popular escape room for both adults and kids, and spend some nail-biting family moments as you try to solve the mystery to escape from the room you are trapped in. Sounds thrilling!


Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden


It’s always good to combine fun with some learning. Jacob Ballas Garden in the Botanic Gardens is an excellent nature-learning spot to instil love for Mother Earth in kids. It also comes with tremendous fun as kids enjoy the treehouse with slides, a sandpit, a mini-maze, and a zip line to make it a fun day for the little ones.


Forest Adventure at Bedok Reservoir

Gain Confidence with Fun at Forest Adventure

A favourite birthday spot and also the first name that comes to mind when we talk of kids’ adventure activities in Singapore, Forest Adventure is definitely going to boost kids’ confidence as they navigate through the obstacle course on tracks that swing in the air. A safe and well-guided adventure activity, Forest Adventure is thoroughly enjoyed by kids and adults alike.


Children’s Museum Singapore (Free entry for kids below 12)


A fun house for interactive play and abundant exploration, Children’s Museum Singapore is exclusively designed for kids up to 12 years old. There are abundant opportunities for hands-on learning as kids smell and identify spices, come across native birds, and learn how to tie sailing knots and catch fish. It’s a good, fun activity for kids in Singapore, where they also learn about their country and society through the exhibits.



Science Centre


Entertainment and Education Go Hand in Hand at Science Centre

If we are talking about fun activities for kids in Singapore, then the Science Centre is bound to be a part of the list. At the Science Centre, kids indulge in various activities ranging from workshops to digital theatre shows to exhibitions and curated science resources. Check out the Science Centre’s website for ongoing programmes and workshops.

We hope this exhaustive list of fun activities for kids in Singapore will help you as a ready reckoner to choose an activity that your child will love to enjoy during the upcoming CNY and March holidays. Till then, stay tuned as we return with our subsequent article on more such finds on fun activities for kids in Singapore.

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