5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Lunar New Year with Your Kids

Chinese New Year festive spirit is in the air! As you gear up for the upcoming Lunar New Year, let’s invite your kids to join in the preparations and celebrate Chinese New Year in a fun-filled and meaningful way! Here, we are ready to share some exciting home-based activities for you and your kids to immerse yourselves in the spirit of the Lunar New Year!

Decorate Your Home

Bring your kids to shop for décor items for Chinese New Year and let them choose some of their favourite ones. Be sure to take this opportunity to explain to them the importance of the colour red in Chinese culture which symbolises good luck and prosperity; the meaning of lucky words and phrases such as “福”, “恭喜发财” and “出入平安” and more. Most kids love arts and crafts, so how about involving them in a DIY project like creating a red packet lantern? You can find inspiring ideas by watching videos online. Also, invite your children to place the décor items around the house and be ready to transform your house into a lucky and prosperous home!


To make this festive season both fun and meaningful for your kids, share stories and legends about the Chinese New Year, including tales about the 12 Chinese zodiac animals, the mythical Monster NIAN, fortune stories and more. It’s also a great opportunity to impart knowledge about the customs of Chinese New Year including the symbolic spring cleaning that ushers in a new and prosperous year, the significance of the New Year’s Eve Dinner as the most important meal for Chinese families and the use of fireworks to scare away the Monster NIAN. For young book enthusiasts, here are some top picks of broad books that they would love.

Lunar New Year Board book by Hannah Eliot (Author), Alina Chau (Illustrator)
I love Chinese New Year by Eva Wong Nava (Author) and Li Xin (Illustrator)

Practise Chinese Calligraphy

Do you know that Chinese calligraphy symbolises joy and luck? It’s time to let your child immerse in this art of Chinese calligraphy by practising writing auspicious words and phrases for CNY such as “福”, “春” ,“出入平安” and “笑口常开”.

Make CNY Cookies

What about bonding with your kids through baking this festive season? Let’s start by choosing some simple recipes such as seaweed crackers, cornflake cookies, and butter cookies and get ready to bake CNY cookies with your kids! Enjoy your baking time and relish the delicacies happily with your children!

Spend time together as a family

Simply spend time together with your kids and family, watching the lion dance, enjoying CNY’s special TV programme, having auspicious reunion meals, making a New Year wish, visiting CNY events and more! Most importantly, enjoy every joyous moment together with your kids! Your companionship and love are priceless!

Engaging in these enjoyable and meaningful activities not only creates lasting memories with your kids but also fosters a deep connection to Chinese New Year culture. Wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful and prosperous Year of the Dragon! 龙年大吉!

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