A New Destination for Family Outing – Keng Eng Kee Seafood’s New Outlet at SAFRA Punggol

Attention all the seafood lovers! The much-known seafood restaurant, 

Keng Eng Kee Seafood has opened Its third outlet in SAFRA Punggol.

The new outlet emulates Singapore icons and culture. Continuing its tradition of serving quality and authentic zi char, KEK Seafood at SAFRA Punggol boasts of its Singapore lineage with intriguing spots and photo points like ERP gantry, MRT station, 1980s bus stop, and unique art murals.

KEK Seafood Safra
Interesting Ineriors that Represent Singapore's Landscape

With an enticing set-up that offers a Dining on Streets Experience, this outlet is all set to raise the bar high in the category of seafood restaurants in Singapore.


The unique ‘outdoor’ dining experience reflects familiar icons of Singapore’s urban landscape, showcasing Singapore’s marvellous development through the years.


Diners will be astounded with:


  • An entrance designed after Punggol’s MRT platform

  • Finding seats via tarmac floors painted with road paint and signage

  • Sitting amidst a standing 1980s bus stop and the ERP sign

  • Reading off an iconic road sign menu board before placing the order

  • An eye-catching expressway tunnel with its signature arrow lighting, adjustable to set the right mood

  • A canopy adorned with hanging solitary lightbulbs is also bound to be a hit on social media, a throwback to a sight commonplace in early apartments in Singapore.


The photo-worthy interior outlet can seat 160 people, good for all sizes of gatherings.


For those who have grown up in Singapore, nostalgia will strike as you see the murals on the wall, depicting scenes of children playing on the grounds of the iconic Dragon Playground that many Singaporeans grew up with, childhood games such as marbles(goli), hopscotch and vibrant Peranakan Shophouses.

Swings and Murals

The murals in KEK Seafood–SAFRA Punggol are the works of local artist Sufian Hamri, popularly known as “TraseOne”, an artist who has been featured in numerous commissioned art projects located throughout Singapore as well as in exhibitions locally and globally; and TiffanyYao, the local artist also brings her distinct artistic touch.

What’s new and exclusive on the menu KEK Seafood–SAFRA Punggol?

Grilled Assorted Seafood with KEK Homemade Sauce($32.80) – featuring fresh tiger prawns, clams, mushrooms, and vermicelli complemented by KEK Seafood’s signature homemade sauce. Add rice to the sizzling platter, soaking up the delectable sauce for an incredibly satisfying experience.

Grilled Assorted Seafood with KEK's Homemade Sauce


Sizzling Claypot Moonlight Horfun($15.80) – a new introduction to the menu, takes diners on a textural adventure with seafood Horfun dressed up with Chinese sausages, plump prawns, and sliced fish topped off with a moon-like “raw egg” served in a sizzling hot clay pot, be sure to scrape the bottom for the extra crispy bits!

Otah Charcoal Fried Dough Fritters with Salad($16.80) – the renowned innovation by KEK, brings a spin on the local favourite Otah smoked and paired with crisp charcoal fried dough fritters. The creamy texture of the Otah is contrasted with the crunch of fried dough and served with the refreshing crispness of a refreshing salad.

Otah Charcoal Fried Dough Fritters

Classic Mainstays – Coffee Pork Ribs ($15.80), Marmite Chicken ($15.80), KEK Curry Sliced Pork ($18.80), and Claypot Pig Liver ($21.80) bring a medley of bold and familiar flavours to KEK Seafood SAFRA Punggol.


The experience at KEK Seafood–SAFRA Punggol does not end with sumptuous food and great ambience, the diners can also engage in family-friendly activities like karaoke, bowling, and billiards for a complete experience at SAFRA Punggol.


With multi-culturalism and family building being the pillars of Singapore, KEK Seafood brings together a blend of uniquely Singapore motifs that resonate deeply with Singaporeans.


So, whether you are in CNY mood, or just looking for an interesting place to relish seafood at a tried and tested place, visit KEK Seafood to feel the vibes.


Here are the details:


Address: [NEW] Keng Eng Kee Seafood, SAFRA PunggolAdd: 9Sentul Cres, #02-01, SAFRA (Punggol), Singapore 828654

Phone: 96910616

Opening hours: 11 am to 2 pm (last order: 1:50 pm), 5 pm to 10 pm (last order: 9:50 pm


Check out their current pictures and reviews at:


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kengengkee/


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kekseafood/