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Forging the way to mainstream success with Autism Recovery Network's successful ABA-VB-based intervention program.

Ever wondered that, by the time they hit six and dive into school life, the average kiddo has already aced a whopping 544 different skills? However, for our incredible kids with autism, the journey to rocking their unique awesomeness and seamlessly blending into the mainstream can be a bit of a challenge. It’s all about early, super-focused support from the pros to help them shine their brightest. To make their journey a little easier, the dedicated team at Autism Recovery Network (ARN) recognizes the significance of these factors, and it is committed to assisting you in turning that hope into a reality.

With their expertise spanning over 50 years, your child’s path becomes a focused and supportive journey toward achieving their full potential and navigating the milestones ahead. At ARN, they don’t just meet standards; they create them. In fact, ARN boasts the most impressive track record for recovery and mainstreaming in Asia. 100% of students in their intensive program start speaking within one year. And with over 3000 success stories and counting, your kiddo could be next in line for a future even brighter than you can imagine!


ABA-VB Therapy

  • The forefront of effective therapyThe Applied Behavior Analysis – Verbal Behavior (ABA-VB) approach takes the lead with its advanced and compassionate approach.
  • A positive approachCentered around verbal communication and behavior management, it promises an enjoyable experience for children, making the entire journey as effective as it is pleasing.
  • The goalThe ultimate aim for your child is to grasp language and actively incorporate speech into their everyday activities.
  • The only one: ARN is the sole certified autism center in Asia offering this comprehensive ABA-VB 1-to-1 Therapy.
Research shows that a child needs 544 skills to enter and thrive in a mainstream school.

ABLLS-R® Assessment Tool

To complement ARN’s ABA-VB is an internationally recognized assessment tool called the ABLLS-Râ  – Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills-Revised.


  • Informed InnovationDeveloped through rigorous scientific research, it is rooted in understanding the natural process through which young children pick up new skills.
  • Precision PlanningRecognizing skill gaps is made possible by ABLLS-R, allowing the staff at ARN to devise a customized program designed to close those gaps progressively.
  • Insightful Learning EvaluationThe ABLLS-R assessment tool, conducted by ARN’s board-certified behavior analysts (BCBAs) and involving parents, offers a thorough evaluation of the skills essential for effective learning, providing valuable insights into the child’s progress.
Opening doors in your child's life and maximizing your child's greatest potential.

Pioneering Excellence: Dr. James Partington 

With over 50 years of experience, Dr. James Partington, a licensed psychologist and doctoral-level board-certified behavior analyst (BCBA-D), has dedicated his career to working with children facing developmental disabilities.

The founder of ABA-VB works exclusively with ARN and plays a pivotal role in guiding the incorporation of its unique and continually evolving ABA-VB methodology into ARN’s curriculum. Additionally, he provides training and supervision to all staff in the clinical practices of ABA-VB. This commitment ensures that the team consistently delivers a curriculum that is both cutting-edge and effective.

Recognizing skill gaps is made possible by ABLLS-R.

Delve into the stories of parents as they share their firsthand experiences with Autism Recovery Network, unveiling the remarkable achievement of over 3000 success stories.


At ARN, their commitment is to attain the best possible results for the children they support. Despite the diverse levels of intensity in a child’s challenging behavior, parents depend on ARN to tailor programs, attending to their child’s individual requirements, and skillfully managing any inappropriate behavior.

Parents will be glad to know that ARN is Baby Bonus Approved, which means it will provide financial relief for parents, thus inspiring a greater number of parents to seek support for their children promptly.


Get in touch with ARN today to explore the ways they can be a source of support for you and your family on this journey.


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