in:genius by NASCANS – “Best Student Care Programme in Holistic Development”

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in:genius By NASCANS provides students with a holistic learning experience that empowers the to shine brightly in school and life

in:genius by NASCANS is the new community-based student care brand powered by NASCANS. As one of Singapore’s premier student care centres in MOE Primary Schools, NASCANS has earned numerous accolades in the past 5 years, including “Best Student Care Programme in Holistic Development” and “Top Student Care Brand.” What sets in:genius by NASCANS apart from other student care centres are its impressive range of Academic Excellence Programmes, unique Signature Programmes like T.I.T.A.N.S, Habits in Action ™, Impression Arts ™ and Scientific Inquiry ™, as well as the conducive student care facilities and nurturing environments.

Its programmes are thoughtfully curated by its in-house curriculum team which comprises former MOE teachers, HODs, subject experts and enrichment specialists.
  • Academic Excellence Programmes – An extensive suite of Academic Excellence Programmes which equips students with proficiency in English, Chinese, Mathematics and Science, ensuring students ace their academics with confidence and ease.
  • Experienced and Qualified Student Care Teachers– Outstanding educators with extensive training of over 200 hours of instruction through its in-house teacher training model. The teachers are not just bearers of knowledge; they actively engage in the holistic well-being of each child.
  • Stunning Centre Environments – Beautifully curated spaces allow students to relax and unwind, including a mini-library filled with engaging, age-appropriate books and magazines that will transport children to other worlds, alongside computer stations and game corners which offer fun and stimulating activities.
  • Healthy Meals – Healthy and nutritious meals are prepared and served, providing students with the fuel they need to excel in their studies.
A Holistic Student Care Programme for Academic Excellence and Life-Skills Development

in:genius by NASCANS is renowned for its impressive signature programmes which take a comprehensive approach to promote academic excellence and life-skills development such as critical thinking skills, creativity and resilience. These life skills will follow students through their lifetime and prepare them to be well-rounded and future-ready individuals.

Read on to learn more about its award-winning curriculum framework:

Homework Supervision & Academic Boosters

Apart from detailed homework and assignment supervision, teachers also provide a carefully curated subject assessments and a review of key concepts to help students boost their understanding of specific subjects.

Intelligent Thinking Habits

in:genius by NASCANS inculcates a proven set of intelligent habits in students through its T.I.T.A.N.S programme which is based on the Habits of Mind™ framework employed by Singapore’s Ministry of Education to groom the top 1% of students in the Gifted Education Programme (GEP).

Creative Expression & Scientific Thinking

Signature enrichment programmes such as Impression Arts™ and Scientific Inquiry™ provide an opportunity for children to nurture and develop their creative prowess, analytical mindset, and problem-solving skills. Through these programmes, children can enjoy a positive learning experience, enabling them to express themselves freely in art and science projects.

Diverse Range of Holiday Programmes

Holiday programmes are designed to be educational and enjoyable, with a range of fun and adventurous activities based on S.T.E.M. These activities allow children to explore their interests and discover new hobbies such as coding, chess, art jamming, terrarium building, gourmet cooking and outdoor excursions.

Positive Character Education

in:genius by NASCANS  instils positive character traits in children through its Habits in Action™ programme which encourages children to develop an intelligent and inquisitive mindset, emotional resilience, and a passion for learning, helping them grow into well-rounded individuals better equipped to face life’s challenges without giving up.

Rest and relax corner

in:genius by NASCANS has numerous centres located in Singapore.  Click here to locate a centre near you.


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