Delightful Christmas Feasts to Enjoy with Family & Friends

The magical time of the year when we rejoice for Christmas and New Year is soon approaching! Preparations for the festive season have started. It’s also that time of the year when we desperately look for recommendations for the best food options to add to our party menu.

Chrsitmas food recommendations Singapore
Good Food Enhances Christmas Celebrations

Here we are with recommendations for Christmas cake and delicatessen, the two main items that add a special touch to your festive feasting experience.

Most Recommended Christmas Cake to Try in Singapore 

Swensen’s Merry Giftmas & Festive Ice Cream Cakes

If you are in search of a good cake that will make your Christmas dinner a memorable experience, then Swensens definitely tops the chart. Double the joy of your festivities with Swensen’s exclusive Festive Ice Cream Cakes which are available from 1 November 2023 to 3 January 2024 or while stocks last.

Christmas food recommendations Singapore
Yummy varities of novelty Christmas Cakes

These are the beautifully crafted Festive Ice Cream cakes by Swensens:


More S’mores($12.80): Back by popular demand, it features two scoops of s’mores ice cream, layered with crumbly biscuits and marshmallow sauce.


New! Snowscape Wonderland($13.80): Explore the secrets of this wonderland—a thick toast acts as the mattress for a duo of crèmebrûlée, sticky chewy chocolate ice creams, and a cream “snow” blanket. Made of sour candy, the spiral Christmas tree is edible.


New! Amber Ember($66.00, 1kg): a crèmebrûlée ice cream, encased in a layer of torched marshmallow. Studded with shimmery white meringues, this beautiful centrepiece captures the essence of a crackling ember’s glow.


New! Santa’s Secret($66.00,1kg): the affogato with honeycomb bits of ice cream arrayed with chocolate decorations, meringues and mocha beans, this log cake awaits to enchant your holiday festivities.


New! Snow Charlotte($61.00, 1kg): spread the holiday cheer with this non-alcoholic creation that celebrates the beautiful wintry snowfall. Smoked oak tiramisu ice cream is fenced by aromatic cocoa-coated sponge fingers all around.


New! Yuleberry Log($51.00, 500g): a lip-smacking offering that showcases the creamy richness of Hokkaido milk. It resembles a rustic log with fruity berries as decorations.

New! Mintertide Surprise($51.00, 500g): a thin mint ice cream that is tinged with peppermint goodness. The true surprise lies within–a hidden core filled with crispy chocolate delights that deliver an addictive crunch.


New! Fireside CookieDip($51.00, 600g): a milk-inspired design and cookie dough ice cream, this cake is bound to be a hit amongst kids and adults.

Improved!Merry Giftmas($66.00, 1kg): this is Swensen’s bestseller for a reason, and now has an even better taste! The beloved sticky chewy chocolate ice cream is paired with a decadent chocolate ganache crumble base. Let every bring sweetness to your festive celebration.


Have a look at its complete Christmas delights catalogue.


Swensen’s also has new dine-in surprises and revamped favourites like Mushroom Fettuccine, Ocean Catch Platter, Poultry Platter, Herb Roast Brazil Turkey, Beef Lasagne Platter and many more available from 8 November to 3 January 2024.

Where to eat on Christmas eve?
Swensen's - For a fulfilling Christmas dinner with friends & family

So, join the tradition that many families and friends have observed by enjoying a meal at Swensen’s since 1972. Add a touch of sophistication to your dining table with these beautifully crafted cakes!


Orders can be placed via:



Early Bird Special: 1 November 2023 to 10 December 2023

Post Early Bird Special: 11 December 2023 to 3 January 2024



·      15% off Christmas Cakes (Early Bird Special)

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Best Roast and Delicatessen to Jazz up Christmas Dinner Table

A Christmas feast with best delicatessen in Singapore



Kelly’s brings the most wonderful party combos of European roasts and delicatessen to add to your festivities. Its speciality items are exclusively made for the season.


Try their all-new European Sausage Duo ($29.90 for 4-6pax), which comprises Iberico pork sausages (500g) that are fragrant and meaty with every bite of prime 100% Iberico pork, and England Cumberland Sausage (500g) – lashings of English pork sausage served in long, curved lengths that are grilled to smoky char.


Indulge in Kelly’s Black Pepper Rib-Eye Roast Beef, juicy and tender on the inside, punchy and peppery on the outside with a black pepper coat. Adding to the flavours are gourmet sauces to satiate even the most discerning cravings. Other classics include Traditional Roast Turkey, Double Ribs Combos, and Honey Baked Ham. Modern iterations bring a contemporary variety with items like Premium Sausage Combos with flavours of truffle, chicken bratwurst, chicken cocktail with cheese and more!


Also, explore Kelly’s Double Truffle Bundle($55 for 6-8pax) that pairs two bestselling truffle delicatessen, the Tuscany Truffle Ham(1.5kg) and Tuscany TruffleSausage (500g), made with European-imported pork and earthy Italian Tuscany blacktruffle paste.


Kelly’s delicatessen products can add five stars to your Christmas party menu and are the ideal choice if you are gathering with family and friends to enjoy a festive gastronomy experience.


Kelly’s products are sold chilled and are available for online and instore pre-order:




So, add some special touch to your Christmas Eve celebrations by including Swensen’s Christmas Cake and Kelly’s delicatessen to your dinner menu. A Happy Christmas to all our readers!