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Studentcare Singapore
student care Singapore
LSE-enrichment Cognitive Hub by Learning Studio Educare (LSE) - A strong community of learners

A common concern that lingers in the minds of all parents is to keep children productively engaged after they return from school. Another important area where all Singaporean parents want their children to excel is in their subjects, especially math. What if we say that Learning Studio Educare (LSE) has the answer to both these problems?


Yes, the LSE-enrichment Cognitive Hub by Learning Studio Educare offers the best combination of learning centre and student care that a parent would be looking for their child.




LSE-enrichment Cognitive Hub by Learning Studio Educare is not just any student care, it’s a unique concept as the centre also offers robust educational programmes to strengthen the academic foundation of children. These programmes are designed to take students’ learning to the next level and are not just limited to helping them finish homework.

The LSE-enrichment Centre’s curriculum is designed by former MOE teachers and well-known professors, to provide students with the knowledge, confidence and skills they need to excel in this digital age. Along with that, the Student Care-trained Supervisor and Student Care-trained Programme Staff, play an important part in offering a great student care experience to children.

Studentcare Singapore
Academic programmes crafted by experienced NIE-trained Math educators


Parents can choose from diverse academic programmes for children to pursue during weekly enrichment classes or during monthly student care hours.


LSE-enrichment Cognitive Hub by Learning Studio Educare offers the following programmes:


Standard Programme


  • Homework and Spelling Supervision

  • Schoolwork Revision (EL&MT)

  • Character Connection

  • Joyous ‘O’ Celebrations

  • From Fit to Grit Outdoor Play

  • Holiday Programme


Mastery Programme


  • Reading Odyssey

  • Creative Writing

  • Readers’ Theatre

  • Creativity Craft

  • Music & Movement

  • iPad Learning

Enrichment Programme – Sign up for our academic-driven Math Stretcher and Computational Thinking Enrichment to elevate your child’s skills and talents.


Math and Computational Thinking programmes are popular choices at LSE-enrichment centre. The Math Programme prepares the students for the Math Olympiad and offers Math Stretcher and Math Hands-On Programme that helps students understand mathematical concepts using fun and interesting methods.


The Computational Thinking Programme aids students in learning computational skills and solving problems by breaking them into smaller steps using algorithms to solve the problem. Learning Computational Skills makes students sharper and more logical, improves their speed of speaking and trains the mind to think strategically,’’


New Age Learning Environment

Engaging Gen Z and Gen Alpha learners through computational learning

The centre is equipped with appropriate digital learning resources allowing students to maximise their time fruitfully and developing them to their fullest potential. Since students get to learn through modern-day devices like iPads, smart TVs and laptops, they stay engaged and learn better.


E Leadership Through Innovation and Service


Leadership is a key skill that 21st-century students must imbibe. In today’s time, holistic education must help children to grow into the leaders of tomorrow. In the same vein, LSE enrichment focuses on ‘’E-Leadership through Innovation and Service’’ which combines leadership development of a child aligned to the futuristic digitised world and service to the community.


Value-Based Education


In addition to teaching academic subjects and homework supervision, the centre offers Values-driven education with a strong emphasis on instilling values in children. Their Character Connections program aims to instil positive values, habits, and attitudes, strengthen self-control, and unleash a leader. They nurture every child to be an excellent member of the community.


LSE-enrichment also has a bus service to fetch children from school to the centre @ Our Tampines Hub.


Operating Hours


Student Care Operating Hours

School Term

1.30 pm to 7.00 pm

School Holiday

7.30 am to 7.00 pm

Note: Closed on Student Care Closure Days, Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays

Enrichment Operating Hours (Mon to Sun)

Mon to Sun

10.30 am to 8.30 pm

Sat to Sun

10 am to 8.30 pm

Note: Closed on Public Holidays, Teachers’ Day and Children’s Day


Promotion – 5% discount for PAssion card members all year round.


So, parents, your search for the ideal student care or enrichment centre is over. Don’t think twice and approach the LSE-enrichment Cognitive Hub by Learning Studio Educare to explore their programmes and facilities.

Register at: www.lse-enrichment.com

Studentcare Singapore

Contact details:


Website: www.lse-enrichment.com

Email: contact@learningstudioeducare.com

Phone: 84820928

Address: 1 Tampines Walk, #B1-47, Our Tampines Hub, Singapore 528523

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LSEenrichment

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lseenrichment