Looking for a Place for Donating Used Goods in Singapore? Here are the Places to Donate!

As the year is coming to an end and the festive period is on, we all crave to shop for new stuff. But, the question is what do we do with things that are still in good condition but not wanted anymore? Donating to the needy is the answer!

donating used goods in Singapore
Donate used goods and declutter

There is so much good stuff at home, like clothes, toys, utensils, furniture and gadgets that we get bored of using or no longer require. Many of us would agree that Instead of trashing these goods we can share them with people who are in need of such things and are not privileged enough to buy. At the same time, donating stuff contributes to recycling and reducing waste.


Occasions like Deepavali, Christmas and Chinese New Year are the best times to declutter the house and recreate space for keeping things that are worthwhile.


There are a multitude of options where you can donate used goods in Singapore:

Check out these locations to donate your preloved goods in Singapore:


Salvation Army

donating used goods in Singapore
Salvation Army Thrift Store - donate used goods here

Salvation Army


Salvation Army is the most known place in Singapore for donating preloved items. Whether it is toys, utensils, clothes, books, stationery, or other household stuff, the Salvation Army absorbs it all. Just approach their Donation in-kind booths, found at multiple locations in Singapore and donate your gently used items. You can also avail their door-to-door pickup services for larger items like furniture and appliances. 


Green Square


Green Square is a Singapore-based initiative that aims to double the percentage of recycled textiles in the country from 7% to 14% by 2030. They accept clothes, bed linen, shoes and accessories like belts and handbags which are sorted either for reselling or recycling. Check out their multiple drop-off locations for donating your preloved items.


H&M Garment Collecting Programme


We all are addicts to fast fashion and buy clothes frequently as affordable retail brands come up with their new collections. Thank God we have brands like H&M that accept donations of used clothes from any brand which they recycle to make new clothes. They also provide a discount voucher as a perk to donate your old clothes in their recycling bins stationed at every H&M store in Singapore, near their cash counters.


Books Beyond Borders


Whether you are a book lover who keeps hoarding books or a student who has a pile of books that are no longer needed, everyone needs a genuine place to donate excess books that can be used by someone else. Book Beyond Borders is the apt place to drop your books that are in good condition. Check out their website to find out the categories for which they are looking for books. They also offer free doorstep pickups for 20 or more book donations.


Willing Hearts Orphanage


Have young ones who keep outgrowing toys? There is nothing like bringing a smile to another child’s face by donating preloved toys. The best place to donate toys in Singapore is Willing Hearts Orphanage. They accept toys and other preloved items at donation boxes in Block 120 Potong Pasir Ave 1, which are then sold at their Thrift Store to raise money for the orphanage or sent to their orphanage in the Philippines.


Singtel’s Device Donation


We all have unused devices like laptops, tablets and phones which we struggle to dispose of. Safe disposal is an important aspect to consider while disposing of electronic devices. You can donate your devices, that are less than six years old, at Singtel’s device donation bins, located at Singtel shops at Comcentre, AMK Hub, Jurong Point, and Tampines Mall. These devices are then refurbished and used to help underprivileged communities.

Visio Optical

Thinking of trashing your old spectacles and sunglasses? Hold on! You can donate these at Visio Optical, which runs the Spectacle Recycling Charity. Your old glasses will be refurbished by them and made available to the needy. Just approach the Visio Optical store in Holland Drive with your old glasses and the rest will be taken care of by them. 


Share at Door Step (SADS)


Finding it difficult to carry your preloved items to the donation booths? You can avail the collection services offered by SADS to donate used goods like clothes, shoes, bags, stationery and even furniture. It’s a super convenient donation method that can be availed at a small fee. The donors can be rest assured that their donations will reach the right people through SADS’ partner organisations.

Donating preloved items not only helps us make space for new things but also helps us contribute towards the good of society and the community. For parents with growing children, the initiative to donate or give away things to the needy is a great way to teach gratitude and kindness.

donating used goods in Singapore
Involving children in donation exercise

So, make kids participate in sorting and deciding which of their stuff they can donate to the needy, and use special occasions like their birthdays to give away their preloved toys, books and clothes as charity. With the list of places where you can donate used goods in Singapore, this task will certainly be easy.

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