Slappy Cakes: Best Family-Friendly Restaurant

For the Love of Flippin’ Pancakes!

Delectable pancakes, an array of all-day-breakfast menu choices, a welcoming ambience and an award-winning make-your-own (MYO) concept – make a perfect recipe for an amazing family friendly dining experience! No wonder, Slappy Cakes is hands down, our 8th time winner of the Parents World, Best of the Best Family Products & Services Awards 2023/24 for “Best Family-Friendly Restaurant.”

Slappy Classic Breakfast

Slappy Cakes found its way from Portland, Oregon to sunny Singapore in 2013, delighting families with its quirky dining concept where you can make-your-own-pancakes-and-eat-them-too! Thanks to griddles fitted at every table, you get to be chef of your own meal, where you can create designs as wild as your imagination!

Slappy Cakes is popular with families as a place for fun, interactive dining experiences that offers great opportunities for parent-child bonding and plenty of Instagram-worthy moments!

Smoked Trout Benedict
  • Fluffy pancakes – Prepared fresh, the batter at Slappy Cakes is definitely better! It comes in easy-to-handle, 8oz fun tubes and customers can choose from a variety of tasty flavours such as Peanut Butter, Buttermilk, Chocolate and Pandan. Play with shapes, sizes and designs and savour your hand-crafted pancakes with delight!
  • Scrumptious toppings – Children just love decorating their MYO pancakes from an assortment of sweet and savoury toppings such as chocolate chips, toasted almonds, granola, banana, hazelnut, chicken ham, turkey bacon, roasted mushrooms and blueberries. Other crowd favourites include 100% authentic maple syrup, whipped cream and chocolate hazelnut spread.
  • Not just pancakes – Slappy Cakes offers great food beyond pancakes, with an all-day breakfast menu, comprising of an impressive selection of culinary delights such as classic American favourites like Pacific White Fish & Chips, Country Fried Chicken, Macaroni and Cheese, Carbonara with Egg and more! The creative dishes are prepared in-house using the freshest and healthiest of ingredients. Explore their full menu here.
  • Cook where you eat – It’s super-easy and fun to whip up your own version of mouth-watering pancakes right where you are seated, with the help of convenient built-in griddles at every table in the restaurant.
  • Fun and interactive dining experience – The unique dining concept allows diners to let loose their inner Picasso, and express themselves and their love for pancakes in their own individual style! Take a look at all the cute and quirky designs by the happy customers at Slappy Cakes here.
  • Safety first – The griddles installed at the tables are non-stick so there is no danger of oil splash spluttering or scalding, making it an absolutely safe cooking and dining experience for young kids.


Carbonara with Egg

Slappy Cakes has won many accolades including the “Best in Hands-on Kids Cooking Experience” by Parents World, the “Best Desserts” Award by The Food Journal and the “Epicurean Star Award” 5S Excellence Award 2018 by the Restaurant Association of Singapore.

 Head out to Slappy Cakes for a unique, interactive dining experience for the whole family! Click here to make a reservation now.



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