Halloween DIY Snacks Recipes that Kids and Adults Will Love

Trick or treat, pumpkin carvings, and spooky decor, it is that time of the year again when Halloween preparations are at the top of our minds! Apart from the decor and costume, Halloween DIY snacks can add a nice touch to your Halloween celebrations, so here we are with some Halloween recipes that look eerie but taste sumptuous!

halloween DIY snacks recipes
Simple & Sumptuous DIY Snacks

We have curated quick, easy and yummy recipes from various websites and added them here for you to decide your Halloween DIY menu. You can also make it a family activity and include your kids in preparing these yummy recipes.

9 Halloween DIY snack ideas:

Monster Finger Breadsticks

Halloween DIY Snacks
Monster Fingers (image credit: womensday.com)

Let’s start with something savoury for your Halloween DIY snacks. Breadsticks are great pick-me-up food and these monster-shaped breadsticks can add an interesting twist to your Halloween celebrations because of their exotic look and great taste.


Find the recipe here.


Monster Burgers

Halloween DIY snacks
Monster Burgers (image credit: happyfoodstube)

Burgers are not only kids’ favourite but they are savoured by adults too. So if you are looking to include heavy snacks in your menu for the “All Hallows Eve”, adding Monster burgers to your menu will be a perfect idea. These burgers can be made with any patty of your choice – meat, vegetarian or even vegan.


Click here to see the recipe.


Pumpkin Deviled Eggs

Halloween DIY snacks
Deviled Eggs (image credit: delish.com)

Did you know that our all-time favourite eggs can be transformed into an interesting DIY Halloween snack? Yes, we are talking about Deviled Eggs, which can be served to look like pumpkins. Super easy to make, Pumpkin Deviled Eggs are nutritious, filling and a treat to the eyes.


Here is the quick recipe.


Ghost Pancakes

Halloween DIY snacks
Halloween Pancakes (image credit: apeachyplate.com)

Want to surprise your family with a spooky-looking Halloween breakfast, why not try Ghost Pancakes as a perfect start for Halloween? These pancakes are also a great choice for including in your Halloween DIY snacks menu for a party, as they can be premade before serving.


Check out the recipe here.


Halloween Inari Sushi

Halloween Style Inari Sushi (image credit: Japancentre)

If you are looking for an Asian Halloween DIY snack idea, then Japanese sushi is the best bet. Halloween Inari Sushi is great to add to your Halloween celebration menu and looks and tastes wonderful when served. The best part, these sushis are super easy to roll and anyone can make them.


Check out the recipe here.


Pumpkin Muffins

Pumpkin Muffin (bbcgoodfood.com)

Muffins are a great sweet snack for people of all ages and are additions to the Halloween menu. How about adding some pumpkins to the muffin and baking ‘pumpkin muffins’ for a perfect Halloween theme?


Here is the recipe.


To make the pumpkin muffins look spookier, you can just add Halloween-themed toppers to the muffins as you serve them.


Spider Raspberry Tarts

halloween DIY snacks
Spider Raspberry Tarts (image credit: today.com)

Just like muffins, tarts are another party favourite relished by all age groups. How about adding a spider look to the tarts to uplift the Halloween feel? These quick-to-make tarts can be easily made with store-bought puff pastries and burst with raspberry flavour.


Here is the recipe.


Cheesecake Truffle Mummies

Halloween DIY snacks
Cheesecake Truffle Mummies (image credit: lecremedelacrumb.com)

Whether it’s trick or treat or for laying down as part of the Halloween spread, Halloween-themed candies are a treat to everybody’s eyes, adults or children. How about making some Cheesecake Truffle Mummies? These truffles are easy to make and can also be enjoyed as a family activity with kids.


Check out how to make Cheesecake Truffle Mummies.


Mandarin Pumpkin

halloween DIY snacks
Mandarin Pumpkins (image credit: allrecipes.com)

Our favourite Mandarin fruits, that’s tangy, tasty and relished by all, can be made to look like pumpkins with a simple DIY magic. This 10-minute DIY Mandarin Pumpkin is a must-add to your Halloween menu, as it is easy, eye-catching and can be made by kids too.


Look at the recipe here.


So, get set to host a great Halloween party with these DIY recipes. From pies, muffins, and candies to burgers and breadsticks, these recipes will offer just the right spread for a wholesome Halloween meal.


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