PlayFACTO School: “Best in Premium Student Care Services with Specialized Enrichment Programmes”

Rediscover the Fun of Learning

Established in 2015, PlayFACTO School stands as Singapore’s leading Student Care brand, boasting a widespread presence across the island, with 50 conveniently located centres. This premium educational institution is renowned not only for its exceptional student care facilities but also for its distinctive positive education pedagogy and an enticing array of enrichment classes.

What sets PlayFACTO apart is its unique status as Singapore’s first and only Positive Education School, certified by the Positive Education Schools Association in Australia. This dedication to fostering positive learning and nurturing positive learners has earned the school numerous accolades. Among its many achievements, PlayFACTO was named the Promising Franchisor of the Year in 2017, received the Singapore Prestige Brand ‘Promising Brand’ award in 2019, and was recognized as a Top Influential Brand and Top Employer in both 2023 and 2024 in the Premium Student Care category.

    • Positive Education – PlayFACTO believes that happy children make the best learners and do well in all spheres of life, including academics. To that end, PlayFACTO follows a curriculum that is powered by Positive Psychology – focusing on nurturing happy, confident and resilient children. The pedagogy emphasizes on the emotional well-being of children, endowing them with skills to build positive relationships and lead a healthy lifestyle.
    • Premium Learning Environment – PlayFACTO prides itself in offering students a comfortable “home away from home” environment that is conducive for learning. An award-winning design, purposefully built collaborative learning spaces, delicious and well-balanced MSG-free meals and low teacher-student class ratio, exemplify the PlayFACTO touch!
    • Innovative, well-crafted curriculum – Backed by a team of in-house curriculum experts and collaborations with Singapore’s leading curriculum publisher and activities experts, PlayFACTO is able to deliver a holistic, outcome-based learning framework. Language skills, Art & Craft lessons as well as Outdoor learning opportunities are integrated into the curriculum, with each presenting well-defined learning objectives. The curriculum is reinforced with real life lessons enabling children to improvise, innovate, engage in critical thinking and problem solving.
  • Specialized Enrichment Classes – PlayFACTO School offers children the most interesting and educative enrichment classes such as Coding and RoboticsTM  and Creative MathTM. The school’s enrichment programmes align with the demands of the technological age and the emphasis on STEM education. PlayFACTO School is dedicated to equipping its students with these 21st-century skills to prepare them for a successful future.
  •       Coding and RoboticsTM – Designed for children aged 6 to 14, PlayFACTO’s Coding & Robotics enrichment programme teaches students to code easily and effectively. Not just that, the children turn inventors, transforming coding into robotics, and learn to apply these solutions for real life challenges as well.
  •        Creative MathTM– The award-winning creative math programme at PlayFACTO is designed for kids aged 3 to 10. Through the use of the brand’s proprietary learning manipulatives, the programme not only allows students to practise creative problem solving but also promotes the development of essential cognitive skills. This tailored approach allow children to foster a deep and lasting understanding of mathematical concepts while having fun in the learning process.


Through its positive education pedagogy and focus on next-gen enrichment activities, PlayFACTO School goes above and beyond a regular student care centre, empowering students with a robust foundation for life-long learning.

Take a look at what some of the happy parents of PlayFACTO School students have to say about the award-winning premium Student Care Centre.

It has been half a year for my Primary one boy. He has enjoyed his time at PlayFACTO School. One thing that stands out is that teachers take really good care of the children, especially in the school holidays. We collaborate very well with the teachers as well. It has been great so far and the teachers have been great at providing a good environment for the kids.” – Father of Cheng Kwog, Primary 3
“Our son attends PlayFACTO school since Primary 1. There are so many wonderful things to say about PlayFACTO school. I witnessed a student care filled with staff who give 100% of themselves. The Centre head is never too busy to sit down and discuss anything that you have on your mind, whether it be a concern you have for your child, a suggestion or an idea you may have. She genuinely listens and cares. Children are treated without exception with kindness and respect, each child is made to feel valued and important. As a parent, these are some of the things I look for in a student care centre. The level of dedication and care displayed by the staff is second to none.
I recommend PlayFACTO school student care centre in the highest terms.” – Mummy of Ng Cheng Kwong

Take a tour of the PlayFACTO school to get a feel of its exceptional amenities and contact the school to book an appointment now at any of its 50 centres.