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Learning Journey Education Centre is dedicated to nurture the confidence and potential of every student.

Learning Journey Education Centre (LJEC) is renowned for its comprehensive, child-centric curriculum and methodology that aligns seamlessly with MOE’s syllabus. They specialize in composition writing as well as Paper 1 & 2 techniques. Learning Journey’s commitment to best teaching practices is aimed at nurturing the unique growth of each child through engaging and highly effective learning methods.

As one of Singapore’s premier enrichment centres, Learning Journey has garnered significant recognition, with notable features in The Straits Times, Talking Point (Channel 5), and CNA938. The impressive 11-year legacy is a testament to their commitment of nurturing educational success among countless students!


Fostering Strong Teacher-Parent Partnerships

At Learning Journey, they believe in the importance of collaboration among parents, teachers and students to develop confident and capable learners. Their unwavering dedication is to instilling a growth mindset in all their students and while serving as steadfast pillars of support throughout their educational journey.

To make this possible, they maintain small class sizes (1 teacher : 6-8 students ratio), enabling LJEC’s dedicated teachers to adapt their teaching methods to suit each child’s learning pace. This creates a secure and engaging learning environment that fortifies confidence. Furthermore, open communication between their teachers and parents enhances students’ learning experiences, both within the school and at home, ultimately unlocking their full potential for success!

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In-Person and Online Classes

Many students who initially attended in-person sessions have made a permanent shift to Learning Journey’s online platform. This transition is attributed to the fact that the quality of teaching and effectiveness of online classes are on par with that of in-person instruction.

Therefore, LJEC offers students the flexibility of choosing between online and in-person learning programs. The online classes are conducted live (not pre-recorded videos) and are highly interactive, with teachers providing real-time feedback and assessment. LJEC has established a proven track record of significantly improving students’ grades and transforming them into exceptional learners. As a result, their classes are meticulously designed to enhance students’ composition writing skills and prepare them for exams. Additionally, lesson materials are conveniently delivered to their doorstep.

Proven Effective Track Record

Over the past 10 years, Learning Journey Education Centre (LJEC) has achieved remarkable results. With 75% of their PSLE Cohort scored AL1-AL4, while an impressive 95% of their IP4 students graduated with Distinction in English. Furthermore, an outstanding 70% of their GP students secured an A in their A levels. These achievements are a testament to LJEC’s award-winning programmes, which feature a current affairs-driven curriculum that instils lifelong language skills, equipping students for a future of competence and readiness.

Super Learners™ A.I Revision Platform

At Learning Journey, all primary students enjoy complimentary access to the Super Learners™️ A.I. Learning Platform. This platform offers tailored revision practices with instant marking and feedback. With a vast library of over 10,000 revision questions, the platform diligently monitors students’ progress, providing comprehensive reports and invaluable insights.

Empowering and transforming students into confident, future-ready learners!

Discover Learning Journey’s Popular Classes:

Super Readers™ Phonics & Reading Classes (ages 4-6) :

Phonics is taught through engaging, hands-on activities to make learning fun and exciting.

Primary 1 Preparatory Intensive Classes for English:

Specifically designed to equip 6-year-olds with essential academic skills as they prepare for their primary school journey.


Super Writers™ English Tuition & Creative Writing:

●      Super Writers™ (Junior): Creative writing for pre-schoolers

●      Super Writers™ Creative writing & English Paper 2 Tuition


Super Writers™ Chinese Tuition & Creative Writing:

Is your child facing challenges with Chinese? Try this proven Bilingual Brain Learning Approach to ignite your child’s passion for the language and improve with ease.


Super Writers™ Secondary /O Levels English Tuition Classes:

Acquire crucial techniques for essay writing, comprehension, summary writing, and answering application questions.


Super Writers™ IP/JC English & General Paper Tuition Classes:
  • Super Writers™ IP English Tuition – Integrated Programme (IP) English Tuition Specialist
  • Super Writers™ General Paper Tuition – Gearing up for A- Level General Paper

Explore their full range of classes offered here.


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Online Classes

LJEC is expanding online classes to Malaysia too!

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