5 Common Dental Issues in Children Every Parent Should Be Aware Of (Plus Kid-Friendly Dental Clinics in Singapore)

When talking about kids’ oral health, unfortunately, some parents mistakenly believe that milk teeth are less important as they will eventually fall out and will be replaced with permanent teeth. Others might think that visiting the dentist is unnecessary unless there is a dental problem. In this article, we explore the world of children’s dental health by providing information on common dental issues that children face and also offer a selection of kid-friendly dental clinics for parents to bring their children to, if and when required.

Early Childhood Caries

Do you know that 40% of Singapore’s young children under the age of 6 are affected by tooth cavities? This condition is commonly known as Early Childhood Caries.  Early Childhood Caries is one of the most prevalent dental problems in kids. It is caused by the accumulation of food particles and germs that form plaque on teeth due to poor oral care. Children with untreated tooth decay will suffer from tooth pain and swelling and even difficulty eating and sleeping.

Tooth cavities

Early Tooth Loss

Children with a healthy set of teeth will lose their milk teeth one by one easily on their own between the ages of 6 and 12. Then, a new permanent tooth begins to grow to fill each hole and replace the older one. However, when your child has tooth decay, he or she will lose a tooth too early, particularly before the age of 6, and this will affect the development and alignment of permanent teeth later on.

Gum Disease

Our gums, the pink-coloured keratinized mucosa that surrounds the teeth are important to serve as a protective seal in preventing germs accumulation. When our gums are unhealthy and infected by bacteria, this condition is called Gum disease or Periodontal disease. Poor oral care, thumb sucking, and dry mouth due to insufficient hydration are the common causes. Fortunately, gum disease in children is reversible and treatable by a dentist.

Teeth Grinding

If your child complains of a sore jaw in the morning, they could be grinding their teeth while asleep.  Teeth grinding is common among children aged between 6 and 12. There are several causes of teeth grinding in children which include misaligned teeth, emotional stress, and crooked or missing teeth. Hence, it is important to bring your child to see a dentist if he or she grinds their teeth.

Sensitive Teeth

If your kids have sensitive teeth, they will complain of experiencing an unpleasant tingling sensation when consuming hot or cold food and drinks, and suffering from sharp pains when brushing. If your child brushes his or her teeth too hard, it could result in enamel and gum erosion, which makes their teeth more sensitive to hot and cold foods or drinks. Thus, it is important to teach our kids the proper way of brushing with the use of a soft-bristled toothbrush. However, sensitive teeth can also happen as a result of gum disease and tooth decay.

Kid-Friendly Dental Clinics in Singapore

Here, we have selected 5 kid-friendly dental clinics for you to consider. Remember to bring your child to the dentist by the age of 12 months. And, follow up every 6 months.

Kids Dental World

Kids Dental World is a child-friendly dental clinic specialising in working with children from infancy through adolescence. They engage children through playful educational techniques to teach them good dental habits.

Address: Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital 38 Irrawaddy Road, #08-33 Singapore 329563
Tel: +65 6684 3113
Website: Click here

National Dental Centre Singapore (NDCS)

NDCS has a dedicated team of paediatric dentists who are highly experienced in managing children’s dental needs which include prevention, treatment and behavioural management.

Address: 5 Second Hospital Avenue, Singapore 168938
Tel: +65 6324 8802
Website: Click here

The Kids Dentist

The Kids Dentist is a paediatric dental clinic with a relaxed, fun-filled environment, complete with toys, coloured pencils, and of course friendly dentists and nurses, ensuring a comfortable and joyful dental experience for children

Address: One Orchard Blvd, #13-06 Camden Medical Centre, Singapore 248649
Tel: +65 62357279
Website: Click here

Q & M Kids

Q & M Kids Dental Clinic specialize in providing gentle and friendly dental care specifically designed for children.

Address: Islandwide. Click here to find the nearest clinic.
Website: Click here

DP Dental

DP Dental is a family dental clinic with a team of caring dentists who are experienced in making your child’s first visit interactive, allowing them to have the right mindset towards their future dental appointments.

3 clinics across Singapore:

  • 205 Hougang Street 21,#03-26-29, Heartland Mall(Kovan MRT),Singapore 530205
  • 9 Scotts Road,#07-01 Scotts Medical Centre, Pacific Plaza, Singapore 228210
  • 451 Joo Chiat Rd,#02-01/03 KATONG POINT, Singapore 427664

Tel: +65 6282 0122
Website: Click here

Remember, prevention is the key to maintaining healthy teeth and gum in children. Brushing twice daily, having regular dental check-ups and healthy diet are equally important to protect their happy grins!

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