Emerge Arts & Media Academy: “Best Enrichment School for Musical Theatre”


Emerge’ the Musical Star!


Does your child have an aptitude for theatrics, music or dance? Are you looking for a supportive environment in which they can safely hone their talent and maximize their potential? Emerge Arts & Media Academy, with its combination of fun classes and talented instructors, might just be the perfect fit for them!


With fun and motivating classes in Musical Theatre, Acrobatics, Ballet, Hip Hop, K-pop and Pop Vocals Emerge Arts & Media nurtures young talent and kindles their passion for the arts. The enrichment school offers a supportive and motivating atmosphere where children can express themselves freely – through the medium of song, dance, music and acting! It offers an exciting platform where musicality and self-expression converge in perfect harmony!

  • Passionate Teachers – Emerge Arts & Media Academy’s classes are energetically led by qualified, experienced and passionate instructors – who are themselves accomplished or practicing artists. These instructors ensure that the children gain confidence in their chosen enrichment activity while having fun along the way!
  • Enriching Classes – Emerge Arts & Media Academy offers a medley of classes for children as young as 4 and also partners with official exam boards for Professional certification for their students. Some of their popular classes include:
    • Musical Theatre (For ages 4 to 15) – is an art form where children learn to explore and convey their emotions through music and movement. They learn how to understand and interpret literature and also learn the nuances of artistic self-expression, by making use of the skills of acting, singing and dancing. At Emerge Arts, children are trained as per a specially curated syllabus that combines Australia’s CSTD and UK Trinity Musical Theatre syllabus, making the school the first in Singapore where students are trained under both syllabi in one class!
    • Pop Vocal (For ages 4 to adults) – Emerge Arts & Media Academy’s highly popular vocal class welcomes all aspiring singers from ages 4 up, for a chance to gain style, confidence and professional finesse in singing. The school’s structured syllabus offers yearly exams that helps amateur singers blossom into proficient singers in a matter of time. The school is accredited under LCM for exams starting from Pre-Grades all the way to Graded 1-8, with the syllabus built around the exam requirements.
    • Ballet (For ages 4 to 15) – is an artistic dance form that is well-known for its technique and flair. At Emerge Arts & Media, the foundation of ballet classes starts with training exercises to strengthen muscles, improve flexibility and coordination. The students practice under the able guidance of ballet instructors and go through annual CSTD Classical Ballet exams that helps them polish their skill sets adding panache to their performances.

Emerge Arts & Media Academy offers other enrichment lessons such as Hip Hop, K-Pop, Acro Dance, Jazz, Musical Theatre Vocals and Classical Vocals. For their whole list of classes, see here.

  • Affordable Price Range – The school offers an affordable and flexible fee schedule: 1 Term, 10 classes x 45mins – $238 1 Term, 10 classes x 60mins – $328 1 Term, 10 classes x 75mins – $418. Trial Class is pegged at $18.
  • Small Class Size – There are approximately 6-12 students per class, ensuring that the students get full attention of the instructors.
  • Opportunities for Performance – The school gives ample opportunities to students to perform at various events and competitions, showcasing their talent as well as nurturing their confidence. From NDP Heartland show to Chingay Parade, from competitions at MediaCorp and Child Aid to performances at the Esplanade; the Emerge Arts & Media Academy students are taking their musical and theatrical performances island wide. See more here.


Emerge Arts & Media Academy’s list of achievements is long and awe-inspiring. Some of their recent achievements include Gold at the Asia Arts Festival, Champions at Safra LIL Stars, Gold at the Singapore International Dance Challenge (SIDC) and 1st Prize in Get The Beat competition. Check out their inspiring list of achievements, here.

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