7 Antenatal Classes in Singapore to Support Your Parenthood Journey

Are you expecting a baby soon and stressed about taking care of your newborn? Fret not, many antenatal classes in Singapore prepare would-be parents to survive the challenges of infant care.

antenatal classes in Singapore
Antenatal classes in Singapore

The antenatal or prenatal classes not only prepare mums and dads for newborn care but also coach them in aspects like mother’s nutrition, labour, birth and breastfeeding.


Handy Guide for Expectant Mums – Explore some of the most popular Antenatal classes in Singapore:

antenatal classes in Singapore
ParentCraft Antenatal Classes

When it comes to taking care of the newborn, experience does matter. The ParentCraft Centre by Dr Wong Boh Boi has been offering antenatal training in Singapore for some years. ParentCraft offers the option of weekly antenatal classes and also 1-Day Crash Courses, that cover:

  • Physical and Mental Preparation & Nutrition for Mother

  • Childbirth and Breathing Techniques

  • Breastfeeding

  • Baby Care

They also have short-duration workshops in breastfeeding, weaning, sleep training, baby massage and prenatal Yoga.


Choose this for – The expertise of Dr Wong Boh Boi.

KKH Antenatal Classes

Location: Patient Education Centre, Women’s Tower, Level 1, KKH

antenatal classes in Singapore
Antenatal classes at KKH (image credit: SingHealth)

Being the largest and most popular hospital for women and children in Singapore, KKH’s Antenatal Programme is reputed for being designed by a team of experts in the areas of lactation, diet & nutrition and parentcraft nurses. The antenatal class at KKH covers training in three main areas – newborn care, labour and nurturing your child.


Mums can choose from a 1-day intensive course or a 4-week Course. The courses are subsidised for the patients delivering at KKH and fill up fast due to high demand.


Choose this for – Subsidised course fee for in-house patients and the expert team from KKH.


Thomson Medical Centre Prenatal Courses

Location: 339 Thomson Road

antenatal classes
Prenatal classes at Thomson Medical Centre

Thomson Medical Centre is another reputed name in Singapore for pregnancy and childbirth. A number of parents choose TMC for delivering due to the Thomson Childbirth Education and Infant Care Programme offered by their Thomson ParentCraft Centre.


Their integrated range of courses to support the parenthood journey include – Hypnobirthing, Breastfeeding, Weaning, Infant Care and more.


Choose this for – A team of qualified and trained educators with years of experience.


Blooming Births

Location: 79 Anson Road

antenatal classes in Singapore
Antenatal Classes at Blooming Births

Founded by Chantel Kismet, a seasoned doula, a certified trauma-informed somatic practitioner, and a parent coach, Blooming Births is highly competent in antenatal training. They are well-experienced in matters related to new mum and baby and hand-hold the would-be parents throughout the various stages of pregnancy.


Blooming Births offers both antenatal workshops and customised private classes. The USPs of their antenatal course are evidence-based information, holistic care that’s trauma-informed & equal focus on emotional and physical aspects of pregnancy. 


Choose this for – Emotional support and guidance required during pregnancy.


Four Trimesters

Location: 38 Jln Pemimpin

antenatal classes in Singapore
Four Trimesters Antenatal Classes

The antenatal classes at Four Trimesters are taken by professional birth Doulas who have complete knowledge of what goes on during the birthing. The classes throw special light on spinning birthing and hypnobirthing techniques.


Their “Oxytocin Equation” antenatal classes empower both parents with the tools necessary to transform the birthing experience into a desirable one. For example, mothers learn to enable Oxytocin, a hormone that influences mothers’ behaviour and the bond they make with the baby. Four Trimesters antenatal centre has in-person and online course options, making it possible for mothers to join the classes at any stage of their pregnancy.


Choose this for – Learning ways to maintain positivity and staying anxiety-free during pregnancy.


Beloved Bumps

Location: 11 Keng Cheow St

antenatal classes Singapore
Antenatal Classes in action at Beloved Bumps

Started in London in 2012, Beloved Bumps combines fun and information in its antenatal classes. The classes cover topics that deal with aspects during pregnancy and as well as post-birth.


The mums can choose from a range of antenatal classes – workshops, 4-week courses, or private prenatal lessons. The centre has three branches in Singapore, making it convenient for mothers to travel a shorter distance for the antenatal class. The would-be mums and dads can meet other parents at a similar stage of life and network with each other over a ladies’ lunch or beer for guys.

Choose this for – Multiple locations, sociable and interactive classes.


Location: 18 Hougang Avenue 3

prenatal classes Singapore
Antenatal Classes at ParentLink

ParentLink offers comprehensive antenatal training in a short course. It’s a boon for working parents looking for antenatal classes in Singapore. The comprehensive antenatal class at ParentLink orient couples with – birthing techniques, nutrition & exercise, labour rehearsal, hands-on techniques for breastfeeding, techniques to calm a baby, diapering & bathing, newborn physiological issues, and so on.


The course is covered in 3 classes of 3 hours each in an easygoing atmosphere that’s fun and engaging.


Choose this for – Balancing antenatal classes with a busy schedule


Becoming parents is an exciting phase of life and the antenatal classes calm your anxieties and help you enjoy the pleasures of being a parent. Week 12 is the most recommended time to start antenatal classes. So, check out the various antenatal classes in Singapore and choose the one that suits you. The prices and class schedules can be checked on their respective websites.

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