BUZUD Launches in Guardian Health and Beauty Stores Singapore

BUZUD REimagined Healthcare, a Singapore-based medical device company aiming to provide innovative home healthcare equipment is on shelves at Guardian Health and Beauty Stores in Singapore. Moreover, 2% of BUZUD sales with Guardian will be donated to Q & M Free Dental Clinic until the end of year 2024. 

Given the common emphasis on health, wellness and consumer experience, BUZUD’s collaboration with Guardian was a natural fit. BUZUD self-test kits for urinary tract infection, male fertility, vaginal pH, Helicobacter pylori, fecal occult blood, etc. will be made available at numerous Guardian stores. 

The aim of Q & M Free Dental Clinic Limited, a charity recognized by the Commission of Charities, is to provide necessary dental care to those who are impoverished and to communities in need. This resonates closely with the mission of BUZUD REimagined Healthcare.

BUZUD wishes to help to build a more equal society, where everyone may live happily and healthily. Their devotion to improving the lives of those in need is reflected in their commitment to serve the community through this project, and they aspire to make a positive impact on people’s lives.

BUZUD offers personal monitoring equipment for “3 highs” – blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol. They also have self-health management equipment for diabetes and gout, major health concerns in Singapore. Additionally, BUZUD provides devices like oxygen concentrators, ventilators, portable ECGs, and hearing aids to enhance people’s lives.

BUZUD Uric Acid And Blood Glucose Monitor

For more information, please visit https://buzud.com/. Follow BUZUD Singapore on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/buzud.sg/ and Instagram @buzud.sg