Lumiere Montessori House – “Best in Holistic Education” 

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Lumiere Montessori House: Your Child’s Home Away from Home!

Established in 2007, Lumiere Montessori House is an independent preschool that offers a nurturing environment for the children, a safe second home where the children can thrive and reach their potential. Lumiere champions a child-centric curriculum & teaching pedagogy, while at the same time following Montessori principles and philosophy. With the school motto of “Every Child a Light to the World” entrenched at the heart of all that they pursue, the preschool advocates educating not just the mind but also the heart.

Lumiere Montessori House offers both 3 hour and 6-hour programmes to children, with the 6-hour programme inclusive of exciting enrichment programmes.

  • Authentic Montessori Education

Lumiere’s Montessori philosophy is not only in letter but also in spirit, extending well beyond the classroom walls, focusing not only on academic growth but also on emotional intelligence and social development of the children. Guided by the dedicated educators at the preschool, children are nurtured into confident, compassionate, and well-rounded individuals who are ready to shine their light unto the world! 

  • Inclusive, Child-centric Approach

Lumiere advocates and pursues education as a means to inculcate a lifelong love for learning. The school believes in the innate strength of every child and honours their unique potential and aptitude. The preschool believes in allowing the children to grow at their own pace. This in turn helps to foster traits of curiosity, autonomy and individuality in the children. With the help of thoughtfully designed classrooms and engaging materials displayed on open shelves, children are invited to explore, play and learn independently. This inclusive child-centric approach ensures that every child is able to embark on a self -discovery & also forge positive interaction with the environment and society at large.

  •  Personalized Attention

Lumiere Montessori House boasts of a low- class ratio across all levels [Toddler: 1:5, Pre-Nursery: 1:6, Nursery: 1:8, Kindergarten 1: 1:12, Kindergarten 2: 1:12] and an exceptionally excellent ratio of 1:1 / 1:2 for their bridging classes which are aimed at supporting children with additional learning needs. The low-class ratio ensures that the children receive personalized attention and also facilitates the teachers to take care of each child’s unique learning needs and support their holistic development.

  • Holistic Education

Lumiere Montessori House’s 6-hour programme offers exciting enrichment programmes such as Art & Craft, Speech & Drama and Robotics/Coding. After-school enrichment like STEM and Aikido are available too. These enrichment programmes are offered in addition to the preschool’s holistic, bilingual curriculum that includes the core learning subjects of Montessori’s five learning areas and Mandarin.

  • Nurturing Environment set in the Heart of Nature

 The preschool’s branches located in Wolskel Road (Serangoon) and Jalan Belangkas (MacPherson) are nestled in peaceful and serene neighbourhoods, providing the perfect havens for little ones to blossom and thrive.  Not only that the preschools are set in environments blessed with abundant nature, there is plenty of opportunity to explore and play in the lap of nature with the preschool’s own impressive private outdoor spaces. The outdoor exploration is beneficial for the physical and mental well-being of the children, also helping them build lasting connections with the environment.

  • Home Away for Home

 With a warm and comfortable environment and an emphasis on holistic, child-centric education, Lumiere Montessori House is the perfect home away from home for the children. In addition, the preschool maintains regular and close communication with parents, so that children have a seamless home to school journey, with the primary focus being of honouring the child’s needs.

The preschool is able to strike a healthy balance between academic rigor, experiential learning and character development, ensuring that the children are as ready for the world as they are for Primary school.

Take a look at some of the online reviews posted by happy parents of Lumiere kids.


My daughter Tessa had an amazing experience at Lumiere, the teachers are great and her positive experience contributed to her development. Tessa loved her time there and frequently mentions her teachers and friends from Lumiere to this day. We like this school so much that my wife and I also decided to send our son Graham to Lumiere for additional weekend lessons. His progress in phonics has put him far ahead of where needs to be for his age. All in all, we’d highly recommend this school. The staff is so friendly and warm, anyone looking to develop their child to the fullest potential should consider Lumiere.” – Chris Hamilton

“Such a beautiful little pre-school this is! My son just graduated from here and Lumiere is a wonderful family of Teachers parents and children. A safe and enriching surrounding for your child’s formative years. Lumiere has been an extended family for our child and we highly recommend it!”- Snigdha Nandan Sachdeva


Give your child the gift of an exceptional educational journey within a supportive and loving community. Let Lumiere Montessori House be the stepping stone for your child’s bright future, where learning is a joyous journey and every day feels like coming home. Spaces are limited, so contact the school today to secure your spot and experience the Lumiere difference!


Locations: 64 Wolskel Road, Singapore 357971   I    37 Jalan Belangkas, Singapore 369400

Tel: 6283 9290 / 9234 3324