myFirst launches the World’s First Kids’ Social Circle and the World’s First Kids’ Safety TWS Earbuds 

myFirst Carebuds and Wearable Smartphone with myFirst Circle

myFirst, the Singapore based tech brand for kids, has just launched the world’s first kid’s social circle, allowing children, their friends and the family to enjoy social media interaction, whilst still safeguarding their privacy and safety. It is a calling, messaging and social sharing app with full control in the hands of parents. myFirst circle can be accessed from the App store or Google Play for Apple iOS and android devices respectively.

The myFirst Fone S3 and S3+ Kid Wearable Smartphones with myFirst Circle are the newest 4G LTE wearable smartphones for kids to stay connected with friends and family are being launched by myFirst at the Ifa Berlin, 2023.

Key Specifications for myFirst Fone S3 and S3+:

  • 4g LTE Connectivity
  • Quad core processors
  • 1.4″ square capacitive touch screen
  • 2MP front caMera
  • 8 GB of storage for 1500 songs and 1GB of RAM
  • Bluetooth pairing with myFirst Wireless headphones
  • Advanced GPS, Wifi and GSM
  • Water resistance

myFirst is also presenting myFirst Carebuds, World’s First Child Safety True Wireless Stereo Earbuds at IFA Berlin, so children can enjoy music safely!

Key Specifications:

  • Safety mode: These innovative Carebuds come with active Transparent Mode, allowing environmental sound to be heard when the child is on the move to ensure safety outdoors.
  • Safe Volume: a maximum volume of 85db is set, to protect the children’s hearing.
  • Bluetooth wireless connectivity
  • Customizable Earfit -6 different sizes of ear tips are provided with the Carebuds to ensure a good fit
  • Water and Sweat Resistant – to allow children to play and be children without having to bother about spoiling the earbuds.

myFirst, a Singaporean brand has made its mark in the world of kids tech ecosystem, with gadgets and devices that are similar to what the kids watch adults using but with built-in safety features to safeguard the child’s health & safety.

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