Thomson Medical Centre: Best Confinement Food Home Delivery Service

   Thomson Nutri: “Food for a Well-Nourished Motherhood”

Thomson Nutri’s Nutritious Confinement Meal

A forerunner in the field of childbirth and postpartum care in Singapore, Thomson Medical Centre is the first and only private hospital in Singapore to offer home delivery of confinement food since 2013. Recently rebranded as Thomson Nutri, their award-winning confinement food home delivery service emphasises the commitment to providing nutritious and nourishing meals for new mothers.


Thomson Nutri (formerly Thomson Confinement Food) understands the importance of recuperation for new mothers during the postpartum period as it directly affects their ability to care for their newborns.  To recover better and faster, new mothers need nourishing and timely meals. However, they may not have the time or energy to prepare these meals themselves. Therefore, carefully crafted confinement food delivered to the doorstep is a fuss-free solution for new mothers as it eliminates the hassle of preparing meals, while also ensuring maximum nourishment for a speedy recovery. This combination of convenience and the expertise of their in-house team of Traditional Chinese Medicine Physicians, Lactation Consultants and Nutritionists in the thoughtful design of their confinement   menu makes Thomson Nutri’s confinement meal delivery service a sure winner!

Thomson Nutri has received several accolades. In particular, they have been awarded the “Best Confinement Food Home Delivery Service” for the 7th time by Parents World in their Best of the Best Pregnancy Products & Services Awards 2023. This recognition highlights the quality and excellence of their offerings in supporting the postpartum health and wellbeing of new mothers.

  • Proven Decade-Long Track Record

Backed by Thomson Medical’s renowned services in childbirth and postpartum care, as well as a decade-long track record in home-delivery of confinement food, Thomson Nutri is the ultimate choice for confinement food that nourishes new mothers and aids their recuperation process.

  • Award-Winning Menu Crafted by Lactation Consultants, TCM Physicians and Nutritionists
Lactation-boosting Fish and Papaya Soup

Thomson Nutri confinement food home delivery service understands and caters to the specific dietary requirements of new mothers. It is designed to incorporate lactation-boosting ingredients, while avoiding spicy or oily foods that may be difficult for new mothers to digest. Each recipe on their confinement menu is carefully curated by Thomson Medical’s in-house team of Nutritionists, Lactation Consultants and Traditional Chinese Medicine Physicians, to support the restoration of a mum’s vitality and hormonal balance and also maximise her breast milk supply.

The 28-day confinement package, which covers the crucial postpartum period, is divided into two cycles. The first 10-day cycle consists of mild and easily digestible dishes, ensuring a gentle transition for the new mom. The subsequent 18-day cycle introduces more appetising and flavourful dishes that replenish nutrition and boost energy. 

  • Wide Variety of Dishes Across a Comprehensive Menu
Braised Pig’s Trotter in Black Vinegar

To ensure that mothers have a variety of dishes to  enjoy, Thomson Nutri offers a widespread range of dishes across its meal packages. Some of its signature dishes include the lactation-boosting Fish and Papaya Soup and the traditional Braised Pig’s Trotters in Black Vinegar that boosts collagen. Mums can choose from premium Japanese Kinmemai Better WhiteTM Rice or Fragrant Brown Rice. They also have the option to replace pork dishes with chicken or fish.

Thomson Nutri also offers these signature dishes and their Freshly Brewed Bird’s Nest as add-ons (in 10 , 5  or 3-servings) to their packages on top of the regular menu for mothers who want additional servings.

  • Top Quality Meals Made Only with the Finest Herbs and Ingredients

Thomson Nutri’s confinement meals are designed to provide optimal nutrition and flavour for new mothers. Each meal consists of a well-balanced  serving of meat/fish, vegetable, double-boiled soup and rice. To complement the meal, a serving of Longan & Red Dates tea is provided, offering additional nourishment. Dessert is also served twice a week during dinner.

The soups, such as the Double Boiled Black Chicken Soup with D.O.M., are meticulously prepared through double boiling  to extract the purest essence and maximise nutritional value. Thomson Nutri ensures the use of premium and fresh ingredients and herbs, including barramundi, threadfin, salmon and sakura chicken, to ensure that mums receive the best nourishment. The inclusion of premium Japanese Kinmemai Better WhiteTM Rice, which is superior in taste and nutritional benefits compared to regular white rice, further enhances the quality of the meals.

Despite being rich and flavourful, the confinement food remains mindful of new mothers’ dietary needs and is designed to satisfy different palates while providing optimal nutrition for postpartum recovery. It also contains no sodium salt and MSG.

Double Boiled Black Chicken Soup with Dang Gui & Chinese Yam
  • Hassle-Free Experience with Ultimate Convenience

These delicious meals are freshly cooked and delivered warm twice daily to the doorstep. They are served in eco-friendly thermal containers that can be emptied out and returned, without having to wash up.

  • A Refreshed Online Experience for Easy Management

With the rebranding, Thomson Nutri introduced a new website with features that enhance the user experience. Customers may pause and resume their meals anytime, change their delivery address easily, track delivery status, and view menu-of-the-day and nutritional benefits simply by logging into their account.

Well seasoned and tasty dishes. No lack of quality ingredients and herbs too. Very enjoyable. Soup is always piping hot which I appreciate a lot.”– Ms Qiu.

Food was superb! Not too salty yet flavourful and appetising. Portion was more than enough and every meal was well balanced in nutrition. Will definitely introduce to other mums who will be going through confinement!”– Ms Chua.