Five Best Baby Stroller Brands in Singapore – Here is our Pick!

Best stroller brands Singapore

Looking for the perfect stroller for your baby? Choosing the best baby stroller in Singapore needs knowledge of brands and makes that are available in the local market and matching those with your requirements.


Every parent has different requirements based on which they buy the stroller, for example,  weight, size, the comfort of the baby, safety, frequency of use, folding mechanism, durability and of course the price. There are plenty of choices for strollers available in Singapore that cater to the different needs of buyers. Selecting the best baby stroller can be a bit tricky which is why we have done the work for you. Read on to compare the specs of all the top brands & their prices.

Here are 5 best baby stroller brands to buy in Singapore:


1) Bugaboo Beethe best features of Bugaboo Bee strollers – its one-hand open-close function, lightweight and compact design, make it ideal for the fast life of Singapore. Whether you are taking public transport, driving or travelling for vacation, Bugaboo Bee strollers are designed to give comfort and convenience for both scenarios.

best stroller brands Singapore
A versatile stroller for everyday use (Source:

Different models of Bugaboo Bee strollers offer different functionalities and also give users the choice to create their strollers in 5 different styles, with features like adding a bassinet, choosing the colour for the canopy or allowing duo extension for two babies.


Sturdy, comfortable and elegant, Bugaboo Bee strollers start from S$700 onwards, but they are well-priced for their high quality and prove to be great companions in the long run. Some of the popular models in Singapore are – Bugaboo Bee5 Complete, Bugaboo Butterfly and Bugaboo Bee6 Stroller range.


Check out Bugaboo Bee strollers at Mothercare or First Few Years.

2) KeenzKeenz wagon strollers are quite popular in Singapore among parents who want wagon-sized strollers for their kids to sit comfortably or lay down flat. Despite being wagon-styled, Keenz strollers are easy to manoeuvre and have huge storage baskets that facilitate storing bulky items. And most importantly, Keenz wagons can be completely folded to reduce their size.

best stroller brands in Singapore
A leading brand in wagon-style strollers (Source:

Keenz also offers a non-wagon range of strollers, like compact strollers and convertible strollers. Check out Keenzs’official store at Shoppe to explore the models and cost.


The South Korean brand is known for high safety standards and robust quality. Prices start from S$600 and go further up depending on the model and design. The most popular models in Singapore are – Keenz Air Plus 2.0, Keenz 7S, and Keenz Kinetic D2 Convertible.

3) Baby JoggerBaby Jogger strollers are apt for everyday use in Singapore. Big and sturdy wheels support all types of terrains, which makes it easy for carrying to nearby destinations, like Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand where roads might not be uniformly good.

best stroller brands singapore
Large wheels support all terrains (Source:

You can choose a Baby Jogger stroller from three categories- Compact Modular, All Terrain and Grows with your Family (which doubles or triples up as the family grows). Some of the most popular models are – Baby Jogger City Mini GT 2, Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Double Stroller, and Baby Jogger City Select.


Baby Jogger strollers come in the range of S$600 to S$1500 and are worth the price due to their durability. Check out Baby Jogger strollers in Singapore at Mothercare and

4) EvenfloEvenflo strollers are a great choice for price-conscious buyers who are looking for affordable options that are durable and have all the necessary functionalities. The lightweight and compact-sized variety of Eveflo strollers starts from S$200 and goes further up depending on the features.

Stroller with seamless functionalities (Source:

Evenflo strollers have some great features like seamless handle switching from parent-facing or another side, flexibility to use as a single or double stroller and a stroller seat that can be converted to a car seat.


Check out Evenflo strollers at Mothercare and

5) Babyzen YoYo – Babyzen YoYo strollers are a great choice if you are looking for portability. These strollers can be folded easily and come with a connected strap for slinging over your shoulder. Models like Babyzen YoYo + 6+ Baby Stroller, become so compact that they can fit in an aeroplane cabin.

best stroller brands Singapore
Light and compact (source:

The Babyzen strollers can be upgraded based on the child’s age and changing requirements, from newborn to 6 months plus. Extensions like bassinet, and wheel pack help you customise the stroller as per the changing needs.

The lightweight Babyzen strollers start from as low as S$100 and the price goes up based on size and features.

Checkout Babyzen YoYo strollers at Mothercare and Mummysmarket



A good stroller becomes a companion for mums, dads and caretakers while shopping, travelling or simply going for daily walks. It’s important to carefully consider the requirements when choosing a stroller that matches the lifestyle in Singapore. The stroller is almost like a moving mini home for the baby when they are on the go with you, so their comfort matters the most!

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