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Lift up your laundry day with award-winning All-In-One Clean Conscience Laundry Pods


No more troublesome manual measurements of laundry detergent or lugging around heavy bottled detergent and softener!  Clean Conscience Laundry Pods, an all-in-one formula combines 5 washing regimes- Stain Removal, Anti-bacteria & anti-viral, Deodorizing, Colour Preservation and Malodour Prevention into a small capsule. Powered by Clean Conscience’s patented technology, the laundry pods offer superior washing performance while being kind to the environment and the skin. These products are also toxic-free, eco–friendly and biodegradable!

"Clean Conscience Laundry Pods"

  • The eco-friendly brand offers two types of laundry pods: Odour Care and Hypoallergenic.
  • The laundry pods meet Safe Cosmetics Australia’s stringent standards and are certified to be: Made Safe, Toxic-Free, Not Tested on Animals, Vegan Formulation and Allergy Certified.
  • Added Natural antibacterial agent to keep your clothes, fresher, for a longer period of time, and Smart Enzyme® for improved stain removal.
  • Designed to be plastic waste-free, the pods are packaged in fully biodegradable, sustainably sourced paper and compostable plastic, thus making it Zero-Waste and not contributing to the ever-growing plastic waste problem.
Clean Conscience: Protect What You Love

Made with the highest quality plant-derived ingredients and enhanced with the Malodour-Care Technology, Clean Conscience Laundry Pod not only offers excellent washing performance with colour protection but it is also able to remove all undesirable smells from your clothes, leaving your clothes smelling nice. Designed with safety in mind, only customized allergen-free* scent is added for freshness without allergies.  This premium laundry pod is available in 2 types and 2 sizes as follows:

  • Hypoallergenic Laundry Pods (Available in a pouch of 45pcs and a box of 18 pcs)

Made with superior plant-based cleaning ingredients and scented with a naturally derived Allergen-Free* Peony Fragrance, making it the safer choice for people with sensitive skin, adolescents, toddlers and even babies. It is also recommended by paediatricians to be suitable for babies and kids’ clothes.

"Hypoallergenic Laundry Pods"

  • Odour Care Laundry Pods ((Available in a pouch of 50 pcs and a box of 20 pcs)

Powered with exceptional deodourising performance, it is suitable for laundries such as towels, bedsheets, blankets and clothes with stubborn stains and odour.

"Odour Care Laundry Pods"

"Clean Conscience is the eco-friendly hygiene specialist you can trust! "

How to use:

Simply place the capsule into your washing drum. This water-soluble laundry capsule will dissolve easily in water. (Place 1 pod for a regular load; 2 pods for a large and heavily soiled load of clothes)


“Super love how convenient clean conscience laundry pod is! And love the smell, very fresh eventhough it is small. It is suitable for sensitive skin too so it is great to wash my kid’s clothes!”- Angelia

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