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Da Capo Music Academy incorporates technology to deliver personalized, engaging, and interactive music education to every child.



Best for their exceptional music education program that seamlessly integrates technology with personalized instruction. Da Capo Music Academy offers a diverse range of musical training and instrumental lessons, spanning piano, strings, woodwinds, brasswinds, acoustic drums and many more to provide an unparalleled music education experience. Da Capo Music Academy’s usage of learning applications and digital tools provides real-time feedback and assessment.  Leveraging artificial intelligence, Da Capo Music Academy delivers a personalized, interactive, and engaging music training program tailored to each student’s unique needs. Da Capo Music Academy’s music education program is the perfect gift to give your child the opportunity to develop a passion for music.


Enhanced Learning Experience to make learning personalised, interactive and engaging 

Da Capo Music Academy is at the forefront of revolutionizing music education in Singapore through the utilization of technology. Their instructors are renowned for tailoring their lessons to suit the individual strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles of each student. The incorporation of digital resources into their teaching methodologies provides a highly engaging and effective learning experience for their students. With this approach, Da Capo Music Academy’s instructors empower students to overcome challenges encountered during practice sessions, ultimately resulting in a successful musical journey for all.

Gamification of the learning process

An effective way to inspire children and young people to learn is by making the process enjoyable and fun. Da Capo Music Academy has embraced a gamification approach to foster engaging lessons, enhance the musical learning experience and encourage self-directed learning. Their pedagogical method has resulted in higher levels of student motivation, translating into better practice habits and improved musical achievement. Da Capo Music Academy’s approach has been highly lauded by both parents and students alike, who have observed a remarkable improvement in musical involvement and depth of musical success.

Core Values of Excellence, Respect, Support and Integrity

Da Capo Music Academy provides quality music education grounded in the core values of Excellence, Respect, Support, and Integrity. Their core values foster a nurturing and secure learning environment for every student, empowering students to cultivate their musical skills and confidence to achieve their utmost musical potential. Rest assured that they are committed to upholding the highest standards of professionalism and excellence in all aspects of their music programs.

Music lessons are tailored to each child’s unique abilities, goals, and interests, providing them with a stimulating and rewarding musical education that fosters growth and inspires a lifelong love of music.

Harnessing the best of technology for growth through music

Da Capo Music Academy offers an unparalleled music education experience to a diverse range of individuals, from toddlers to advanced students, and provides extensive musical programs and instrumental lessons, spanning piano, strings, woodwinds, brass instruments, pop instruments like drums, guitar and many more. With their Enhanced Learning (EL) strategy, innovative learning technology powered by Artificial Intelligence is incorporated into their curriculum to make Music learning personalized, interactive and engaging.

Da Capo Music Academy is committed to embracing an innovative pedagogical approach to music education to support top-quality music instruction. Utilizing digital resources integrated with Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology allows Da Capo Music Academy’s instructors to deliver personalized music learning experiences, assess progress, and provide tailored resources and tools based on each learner’s unique characteristics and learning style. Their Enhanced Learning (EL) strategy ensures that every student receives the attention and guidance they need to reach their full potential.

Da Capo Music Academy remains at the forefront of music education by continuously exploring new and innovative ways to enhance the student’s learning experience. Their dedication to providing exceptional music education and commitment to incorporating technology into their pedagogical approach makes them a top choice for aspiring musicians who wish to uncover their musical potential.

With accomplished educators dedicated to the growth of every child and a commitment to the core values of Excellence, Respect, Support, and Integrity, students develop valuable transferable skills for lifelong success

Life Skills through Music Empowerment

Da Capo Music Academy is unwavering in its commitment to excellence in music education and the inspiration of students to realize their maximum potential. Beyond instrumental techniques and theoretical knowledge, Da Capo Music Academy recognizes the profound impact of music in developing valuable life skills and promoting empowerment.

Through learning an instrument and participating in musical activities, students cultivate a sense of commitment, dedication, and an unrelenting pursuit of improvement. Students acquire transferable skills and knowledge that extend beyond musical craftsmanship, providing them with invaluable benefits in various aspects of their lives.

Da Capo Music Academy fully comprehends the transformative power of music in shaping well-rounded individuals.  Through empowering students with life skills, Da Capo Music Academy prepares them for success not only in music but also in other areas of their lives

Qualified teachers dedicated to the core values

Da Capo Music Academy is proud to offer highly experienced and qualified teachers who are deeply committed to upholding the institution’s core values. Their team of instructors are not only efficient at guiding early childhood musical development but also possess extensive musical knowledge and expertise in their respective musical disciplines.

Da Capo Music Academy’s instructors are skilled musicians and also passionate educators who genuinely care about their student’s growth and development. They embody the core values that define the institution. These values include a commitment to excellence, fostering a supportive learning environment, promoting creativity and self-expression, and instilling a love for music in every student. Da Capo Music Academy takes great pride in the caliber of its faculty and is confident that its students will benefit from their expertise and passion for teaching.

Discover your child’s musical talents at the Da Capo Music Academy, where they embrace an innovative pedagogical approach to music education and technology to support top-quality music instruction. Da Capo Music Academy’s commitment to inspiring and nurturing students through musical excellence instils valuable transferable skills that promote creative expression, effective communication, and self-assurance that will set your child up for success in life.



My child always enjoys the lesson with Teacher Darrell and looks forward to having the session every week. Darrell is always encouraging and patient. The interaction with him has been great and he provides good feedback for improvement.“- T Y Lee

Went for their saxophone trial and the teacher is good and helpful, so I decided to take the lessons. they also offer lessons for many different music instruments so if you’re interested, can just go for the trial session to see if it’s suitable for you!”- Guo Rui


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