Celebrate Parent’s Day with Gusto – with Dian Xiao Er’s New and Signature Dishes

This Parent’s Day, show your love and appreciation to people who mean the most to you – your parents with a feast fit for the kings as Dian Xiao Er! The Chinese restaurant unveils a special set menu, featuring four brand new dishes.

Look forward to the rich and plump scallops of Sauteed Scallops and Celtuce with Black Truffle, enlivened by the piquant note of the black truffle sauce! Relish the Crispy Pork Slices with Assorted Mushrooms, with pork slices deep-fried to golden-brown perfection. Enjoy a unique burst of island flavours with the Tropical Coconut Deshelled Prawns, and a nutritious and tasty Steamed Ling Fish and Baby Chinese Cabbage in Sweet Milky Broth

Other dishes in the set menu include the Signature Herbal Roast Duck (Angelica/  Ten Wonder/ Wild Ginseng), their popular dishes: Signature Wheatgrass Tofu with Seafood, Baby Kai Lan with Salted Fish & Lime, and Fish Maw Thick Soup with Seafood. 

The set menu is available from 24 April to 18 June, and is priced from $99 onwards.

Lazy to step out! Fret not! Dian Xiao Er also offers 2 ready-to-eat dishes for you so you can surprise your parents with a delicious meal, in the comfort of your home! The two ready-to-eat dishes are Braised Pork Belly with Spicy Sour Mustard Greens and Ginseng Kampong Chicken. With a perfect fat-meat ratio, the pork belly boasts a melt-in-your-mouth texture. The nourishing kampong chicken is equally tender, and  the soup is mouth watering rich and soulful with the use of premium herbs. 

Limited time promo: “Get more bang for your buck with the bundles — get any 2 choices at $25 (UP: $33.80, 26% off) or 3 choices at $34 (UP: $50.70, 33% off)”. 

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Dian Xiao Er’s sumptuous meals are available at https://www.dianxiaoer.com.sg/outlets