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Nurturing innovative and smart creators through the award-winning iSTEAM curriculum


Cambridge Pre-school’s first-of-its-kind curriculum exposes your child to iSTEAM (Innovation, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics), allowing students to develop these essential future skills in fun and age-appropriate ways while preparing them for future success.  This premium preschool has been featured on Channel-8 “Hello Singapore”, for introducing EdGPT, a voice-activated version of ChatGPT to engage children aged 5 and 6. They also incorporate the latest technology such as generative AI innovatively into projects to arouse children’s curiosity and creativity.   

  • Cambridge Pre-school harnesses the power of AI by making use of it effectively in both teaching and learning practices in the classroom.


  • For playgroup to Nursery 2, iSTEAM is embedded into everyday experiences through various of hand-on-activities, preparing them for the iSTEAM curriculum at K1 and K2.


  • Kindergarten 1 and 2 students will take on iSTEAM exciting projects such as extracting DNA, coding and robotics, building circuits, and creating chemical reactions.


  • Cambridge Pre-school offers enrichment classes without extra charge.

Cambridge @ Robertson: Japanese Culture and Multi-Sports Enrichment
Cambridge @ Fernvale: Junior Multi-Sports Enrichment
Cambridge @ Serangoon Gardens: Swimming and Junior Soccer Enrichment
Cambridge @ Kingsford Waterbay: Swimming Enrichment
Cambridge @ Artra Alexandra: Multi-Sports Enrichment


"A student building a circuit attentively"

"Two kids engaging in a coding project. "


As a pioneer of iSTEAM education in Singapore, Cambridge Pre-school bears testimony to 30 years of experience in pre-school education, technology and management. Acknowledging the need to envisage the future world that our children will live and work in, Cambridge Pre-school strives to prepare their students with uniquely human skills that are not easily replaceable by robots, such as the ability to innovate, problem-solve and think creatively and critically.

Its future-ready iSTEAM curriculum emphasises on building a strong foundation in iSTEAM, English and Chinese Language and the development of Multiple Intelligences, Character, Executive Function and Mindfulness, to nurture students to be successful, innovative, cheerful, and lifelong learners


Cambridge Pre-school has a steady pool of dedicated educators; they are not only experienced in teaching pre-schoolers but also able to see things from different perspectives and attempt to think out-of-the-box for possible solutions, allowing children to learn effectively yet in a fun-filled way. The most important essence is with constant encouragement from the teachers, the children are able to build their level of confidence, so they are not afraid of trying new things and face challenges with stride.


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Cambridge Pre-school currently has 34 preschools in Asia, and more will be opening in the near future. In Singapore, there are 9 well-known Cambridge Pre-schools as follows:

  • Cambridge @ Robertson
  • Cambridge @ Serangoon
  • Cambridge @ Kingsford Waterbay
  • Cambridge @ Fernvale
  • Cambridge @ Sengkang
  • Cambridge @ Artra Alexandra
  • Cambridge @ Dairy Farm
  • Cambridge @ Yio Chu Kang
  • Cambridge @ Macpherson
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