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Future-Proof Your Child through ChildFirst Pre-school’s iUnique curriculum in a Trilingual environment


ChildFirst Pre-school is well-known as the first trilingual preschool in Singapore to provide immersion in the three most important languages around the world – English, Chinese, and Coding, providing children with the lifelong assets to excel in their future. ChildFirst Pre-school’s iUnique curriculum focuses on understanding Artificial Intelligence, development of Human Intelligence (critical thinking, creative problem-solving skills, etc.) and exposure to eight Multiple Intelligence, so that your child will become a cheerful and successful little learner.

  • ChildFirst Pre-school prepares your child for school success with its proven English program that focuses on Phonics, reading, creative writing, and even literature appreciation such as Shakespeare and poetry.


  • Chinese Rapid Word Recognition (CRWR-快字通) programme introduces children to a new but proven method of recognising Chinese characters effectively and includes an AI Chinese component that tracks the words that have been learnt and personises revision for each child


  • Learning Coding allows the children to programme and customise the actions and movements of a humanoid robot. In the process, children learn computational skills, problem-solving and logical reasoning.


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"ChildFirst has a unique and proven “Chinese Rapid Word Recognition” programme "


"Two children enjoy programming for their robot"

A Proven Curriculum to Learn Three Languages – English, Chinese and Coding

To ensure children build a strong foundation in English and Chinese languages, the school offers a half-day daily for each language. For English lessons, students from PN to N1 will focus on learning, listening, speaking, and building vocabulary. Through show-and-tell in the classroom, role play in the speech and drama room, and music and movement, they build up their verbal communication skills. At the N2 level, they will learn to read and write sentences, preparing them for creative writing and journal documentation in K1 and K2.

ChildFirst’s Chinese Program adopts an in-house-developed toolbox of Chinese Rapid Word Recognition System, “Rhyme and Stories” and Chinese Readers story books to develop kids’ language skills in Chinese.

Besides that, its coding-integrated curriculum provides kids with ample opportunities to learn about programming and coding starting from 18 months. At the K2 level, your child will impress you by building his own robot proudly- a humanoid robot that can carry out specific tasks, sense the surroundings and interact with the environment!

A Pre-school with World-class Facilities

All ChildFirst Pre-schools are well-equipped with a spacious learning environment of more than 10,000 sqft including an Innovation and Computer Room, fun-themed Speech & Drama Room, Indoor Playground, and bright infographics in the hallways. After all, the more stimulation your child receives in the early years, the more neural pathways and connections are established. Click here to learn more about its premium facilities.


“She has developed a keen sense of responsibility and situational awareness, and she especially loves the coding classes.”- Abigail’s father

“Maho’s English has improved tremendously, and she has even started conversing in Mandarin with confidence.”Maho’s mum

“I wanted Elijah to have full immersion in Mandarin for half a day so that he will not struggle with Mandarin in primary school…”Elijah and Ellie Jeane’s mother



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ChildFirst @ King Albert Park
896 Dunearn Road #04-02
LINK@896 (Next to King Albert Park MRT)
Singapore 589472

ChildFirst @ Mountbatten
229 Mountbatten Road #01-32
Mountbatten Square
Singapore 398007

ChildFirst @ Tampines
3 Tampines Central 1 #05-01
Tampines Plaza 1 (formerly known as Abacus Plaza)
Singapore 529540

ChildFirst Pre-school

Tel: 81212299