” Tian Yuan Xiang – Mom’s Trusted Brand for Well-being”

                                                  The Essence of Good Health!

“Tian Yuan Xiang’s high-quality Drip Chicken Essence: the best gift for your mother and the mother of your child on Mother’s Day!”

                                   “Mom’s biggest parenting problem – Stress!”

One issue every busy working mom faces – stress.

From work stress to the after-work stress. Many mothers face difficulty to maintain regular mealtime, leading to digestion problems and bloating. Many also struggle to quieten their mind before bedtime, resulting in poor sleep quality and restless nights. These are common issues faced by many people juggling a hectic lifestyle, leading to various problems which affects the well-being of mothers.

This is one main reason why every mother should have Tian Yuan Xiang’s Drip Chicken Essence as part of her health routine, to promote better well-being.

Tian Yuan Xiang has partnered with professional TCM Physicians to create two special formulae just for busy moms – Chicken Essence for Bloat Relief & Chicken Essence for Sleep & Bone Optimizing that help moms feel better, sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed.    

                            “Mom is Feeling Bloated and Uncomfortable!”

 “Tian Yuan Xiang Chicken Essence for Bloat Relief “ has got it all sorted!

                                         Tian Yuan Xiang’s Chicken Essence for Bloat Relief

Busy working mothers who also have to take care of their children, are always juggling multiple tasks-from picking up their children to assisting them with school work, mothers often skip meals and when they finally get a chance to eat, they have to rush through it. This often leads to indigestion and discomfort, including bloating and belching, which can be embarrassing and uncomfortable.

Tian Yuan Xiang Chicken Essence for Bloat Relief is a blend that contains various herbs in addition to chicken essence such as Citri Reticulatae Pericarpium, Cardamon, Crateagi Fructus, Platycodonis Radix, Ginger and Perilla.

This TCM formula regulates the body, helps with digestion and relieves the discomfort of bloating. Our drip chicken essence contains small molecular proteins that can also help mothers to quickly recover their strength.

This product is also suitable for children above 3 years old. In Singapore, where there is a lot of pressure to excel academically, some children may also have a picky diet which often causes bloating and belching, affecting their concentration during study. Tian Yuan Xiang’s Chicken Essence for Bloat Relief can help children regulate their digestive system, allowing their body to absorb nutrients properly, so that growth and learning can be balanced!


                       “Mom’s Best Companion for a Good Night’s Sleep!”

“Tian Yuan Xiang Chicken Essence for Sleep and Bone Optimizing”

                             Tian Yuan Xiang’s Chicken Essence for Sleep and Bone Optimizing

Many busy moms struggle with getting quality sleep. Tian Yuan Xiang’s Chicken Essence for Sleep and Bone Optimizing contains nourishing and sleep-aiding TCM herbs such as Codonopsis Pilosulae Radix and Ophiopogonis Radix that can help improve sleep quality.

It is also suitable for pregnant and postpartum mothers as the TCM in it such as Fructus Ligustri Lucidi(女貞子) alleviate muscle and joint pain. In addition, ingredients such as Paeoniae Alba Radix, Rehmanniae Radix and Scrophulariae Radix are believed to provide a more stable growth environment for the baby in the womb according to TCM Physicians.


Why choose Tian Yuan Xiang Drip Chicken Essence?
Tian Yuan Xiang is a widely respected international brand for Drip Chicken Essence, with over 20 outlets in Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and Japan. TYX’s roots lie in southern Taiwan from where it has hitherto branched out and gained popularity with consumers across Asia owing to its premium quality of drip chicken essence. TYX is often acknowledged as the inventor of the modern-meet- traditional double-drip premium chicken essence, earning it the position of the No. 1 premium brand for drip chicken essence.

It’s no wonder that Taiwan supermodel, Lin Chiling, has been a supporter of Tian Yuan Xiang Drip Chicken Essence for more than 10 years. She has expressed her appreciation of how Tian Yuan Xiang Chicken Essence has contributed in making her health and lifestyle better.

The Product

Tian Yuan Xiang’s drip chicken essence is fragrant and sweet and is free from any unpleasant taste or smell. Due to its pleasant aroma and taste, it can be likened to home-made soup! It is rich in essential amino acids, containing 18 of the EAA’s needed by the body. It also contains high-quality “micro-molecule” protein that boosts energy levels and stamina. It has been awarded the Taiwan’s health certification as it can “fight fatigue”.

Considering the need for on-the-go use, Tian Yuan Xiang also developed a range of room temperature Drip Chicken Essence products, allowing moms to replenish and maintain their energy on the go – anytime, anywhere.

 See the whole list of products here.

More Info

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