W Optics Raises Awareness of Kids’ Myopia For Healthy Vision Month

Do you know? Singapore is reported as having the highest prevalence of myopia in the world with 65 per cent of Primary 6 children and 83 per cent of young adults being myopic. With this, W Optics® is on a mission to support parents in managing their kid’s myopia by educating the public on detecting, intervening, and maintaining healthy eyesight in children.

Introducing Essilor® Stellest® Lenses

The Essilor® Stellest® Lenses are Essilor’s latest generation of myopia control spectacle lens solutions to slow down myopia progression in children, which has been clinically proven to slow down myopia progression by 67% on average, compared to single vision lenses, when worn at least 12 hours a day. 

Thanks to the H.A.L.T. technology and its constellation of 1,021 invisible aspherical lenslets that create a volume of myopia slow down signal in front of the child’s retina, helping to slow down the elongation of the eye. 

Regular outdoor time helps to keep healthy vision in kids

Besides getting a prescriptive lens, they also recommend children to adopt an active lifestyle by spending at least two hours outdoors every day as exposure to sunlight triggers the release of dopamine and Vitamin D, which support proper eye shape and functions in the eyes, helping to slow down myopia progression.

Kids’ myopia is a manageable condition if it is detected and intervened early. Book an appointment for your kid’s myopia control assessment via the W Optics app® now. W Optics® app is free to download on Apple and Android devices.

For more information on Essilor® Stellest® lenses, kindly visit https://woptics.sg/.

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