5 Classic Books to Read Aloud to Your Little Bookworm!

World Book Day is just behind us (23rd April) and it’s only befitting to revisit few all-time favourite children’s books! These evergreen classics are not only enjoyable reads for your little bookworm, they are perfect to read together to create memories!

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Dear Zoo [For Ages 0-3]

Written and illustrated by Rod Campbell

Published in 1982

This classic 40-year-old interactive lift-the -flap book is colourful and bright with illustrations meant to spark curious little minds. How would the zoo respond to a letter requesting for the perfect pet? How should a perfect pet be? Children have fun looking for the perfect pet, hiding behind the flaps- could it be the TALL giraffe or the BIG elephant or the Ferocious lion?

What the Book can Teach Your Child

The book prompts children to imagine and guess the next animal peeping from behind the flaps. It encourages them to think of suitability of animals as pets in their home.  It subtly teaches them the differences between pet animals and zoo animals.

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The Very Hungry Caterpillar [For Ages 0-3]

Written and illustrated by Eric Carle

Published in 1969

The Very Hungry Caterpillar is a pop-up, picture book with bright illustrations that traces the journey of a caterpillar’s metamorphoses into a beautiful butterfly! The board book with beautiful artwork in had holes in the pages to realistically demonstrate the caterpillar “eating through”!

This 1969 classic has been appreciated as one of the greatest childhood classics and is still a favourite with children and parents alike. The book has sold more than 50 million copies, has been translated into more than 60 languages, won various awards, and also been adapted for television.

What the Book can Teach Your Child:

The book teaches children the life cycle of a butterfly, right from when it hatched out from an egg to when it’s ready to fly! The book encourages the kids to count with the caterpillar as he munches food in increments – one apple on Monday, two pears on Tuesday , three plums on Wednesday and so on. At the same time, the children learn days of the week and names of the fruits.

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The Rainbow Fish [For Ages 2-7]

Written and illustrated by Swiss author Marcus Pfister, Translated into English by J. Alison James

Published in 1992

The story is about a little rainbowfish with shiny scales of all colours and hues interspersed with the most gorgeous  luminous, glittering silver scales – making him the most beautiful and envied fish in the ocean! The book traces the little rainbow fish’s journey from being a lonely fish that prided itself on its beauty to one that found happiness and friends when it decided to share its beauty with others.

The book has breath taking artwork sure to catch the eyes and attention of little ones with the shiny foil scales being its most distinctive feature. The Rainbow Fish has sold over 30 million copies internationally, and has been released in 50 languages. It has been adapted to an animated TV series.

What the Book can Teach Your Child:

Children learn the concept of vanity and how pride and beauty alone cannot make friends. They learn how sharing what you have (even your most prized possession) with those who don’t, can spark joy within!

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Gruffalo [For Ages 3-7]

Written by Julia Donaldson, Illustrated by Axel Scheffler 

Published in 1999

Gruffalo’s story is about a hungry little brown mouse making his way across the deep dark woods to find food. On the way he is accosted by the fox, the owl and the snake all who want to devour the mouse. The witty, clever mouse escapes these bigger and fiercer animals by weaving a tale about an imaginary animal called the Gruffalo. And he remains unshaken even when this fearsome imaginary monster comes alive and is ready to eat the little mouse “on a slice of bread.” 

The absolutely clever story is writing in rhyming couplets with repetitive verse, making it a perfect read aloud book to children. The characters are adorable and the illustrations are vivid and brilliant. The Gruffalo, has won many awards and has been translated into over fifty languages. It has been adapted for the stage as well as made into successful films.

What the Book can Teach Your Child:

Courage and wit! The book shows the power of brain over brawn where the little mouse escapes his fate not once but four times because of his sheer wit, fearlessness and presence of mind!

Mouse: “Well, Gruffalo, you, see? Everyone is afraid of me. And now my tummy is beginning to rumble, my favourite food is —-Gruffalo crumble” 

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Owl and the Moon (Owl at Home) [Ages 3 to 7]

Written by Arnold Lobel

Published in 1975

The story Owl & The Moon is part of a 5-story book called the Owl at Home. In this story, the owl is sitting alone by the seashore when he looks up at the sky and sees the moon shining bright. The owl seems to have a conversation with the moon which plays hide and seek behind the clouds. The owl refers to the moon as his friend and bids it bye sadly before returning home. But when he goes to bed, he once again spots the moon in the sky peeping into the window as if to give him company and the owl is happy again!

                          ‘It’s always a little sad to say goodbye to a friend.” -said the Owl

What the Story Can Teach your Child

The story teaches the children the concept of friendship and how the shape and the size of the friend is immaterial and sometimes even words are not necessary. It’s just the quiet company of a friend at a distance that can comfort us.

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