XIN Bird’s Nest: “Best Local Brand for Authentic Cave Bird’s Nest”

   XIN Bird’s Nest : “Only the Finest and Purest since 1950”


Cave Bird’s Nest, a Panacea for many Illnesses

Edible Bird’s Nest is touted as nature’s gift to humans with the amazing power to ward off illnesses, especially those of the lungs and the kidney. This superfood is widely acknowledged as a panacea against seasonal flu and other illnesses by strengthening the body’s immune system.

Out of the Farmed Bird’s Nest and the Cave Bird’s Nests, the latter is considered superior as the nests retain all the minerals from the caves and thus accord more nutritional value to the consumer. Cave Bird’s Nests have a higher thread count, thicker threads and a crunchier texture than the Farmed Bird’s Nests. The Cave Bird’s Nests can be brewed for longer and still retain their consistency whereas Farmed Bird’s Nests cannot be brewed for longer than an hour, lest they disintegrate. 

Cave Bird’s Nests are rich in protein and have the ability to boost metabolism, enhance vitality and energy levels. These amazing gifts of nature are also potent anti-ageing foods promoting epidermal growth, boosting collagen production, preventing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, giving way to radiant, youthful-looking skin. 

Why XIN Bird’s Nest?

There are many brands selling Bird’s Nest in Singapore, but XIN Bird’s Nest has an indomitable reputation in the industry, due to several reasons.

An Enduring Family Legacy 


The exclusive range of XIN Bird’s Nests are not only a testimony to unwavering premium quality but also to the family legacy that has been passed on for three generations, proudly withstanding the test of time and competition.

Marudi Town, Sarawak

The brand’s history can be traced back to the 1950s when Mr. Suen (grandfather of Mr. Lawrence Tie, founder of XIN Bird’s Nest, as we know it today), left Dongshan County (Fujian Province) in China, and moved to Sarawak. He established a small trading business named Kheng Soon Trading in the small town of Marudi, Baram (Sarawak) where he also started trading Cave Bird’s Nests procured from Long Lama (Marudi district). The family business carried on generation after generation with a growing number of loyal customers in Singapore and other parts of Asia. 

Proudly Local 

In 2009, the Xin family set up a base in sunny Singapore to cater to their regular customers based in Singapore. They rebranded their business, giving birth to XIN Bird’s Nest. This move helped them establish themselves exclusively as authentic sellers of high-quality cave bird’s nests in Singapore. While the foundation was laid in Sarawak, the brand, XIN Bird’s Nest received its present identity in Singapore, creating a well-respected local brand, backed by a rich family history.  

70 years on, the Xin family’s expertise and dedication in the pursuit and procurement of high-quality Cave Bird’s Nest remains unmatched in the industry.


Unwavering Promise of Authenticity

The passage of time and the scaling up of operations did not lead to any compromise in the quality of XIN Bird’s Nests. On the contrary, the XIN brand continues to grow while remaining committed in offering the purest, most authentic cave bird’s nest to its customers.  

XIN’s range of Cave Bird’s Nest and their Benefits


  1. Raw Cave Bird’s Nests (Nest Cups)

a. Premium Cave Bird’s NestMilky white/ light-yellow in colour, Premium Nest Cup is the highest quality cave bird’s nest, with the highest thread count, thicker threads, highest expansion capacity and a smoother texture. 


                                             XIN Premium Cave Bird’s Nest 

b. Superior Cave Bird’s NestMilky white/ light yellow nests, Superior Nest Cup is slightly smaller than Premium Bird’s Nests, but with a taste that is comparable to Premium Nest Cup. 


                                             XIN Superior Cave Bird’s Nest

While the Superior Nest Cup is suitable for general consumption by all and can be used for general brewing or cooking, the Premium Cave Bird’s Nests are considered more suitable for people with frail health, pregnant and postpartum women and young children.


XIN Cave Bird’s Nests nourish the lungs, improve the complexion and protect the skin tissue. XIN’s Premium Cave Bird’s Nests in particular are naturally rich in protein and minerals and have been known to restore vitality and stamina in people, even in those suffering from post-covid lethargy and fatigue. 


2) Cave Bird’s Nest Drink


a. Deluxe Cave Bird’s Nest Drink (Reduced Sugar)contains 75% of cave bird’s nest.


                                    XIN Deluxe Cave Bird’s Nest Drink (Reduced Sugar)

b. Premium Cave Bird’s Nest Drink (Reduced Sugar)contains 45% of Cave Bird’s Nest


                                           XIN Premium Cave Bird’s Nest Drink (Reduced Sugar)

XIN Cave Bird’s Nest Drinks are completely devoid of any chemicals, preservatives or stabilizers. They have a smooth and rich texture and are great in taste. XIN’s range of Cave Bird’s Nests are Halal certified and XIN Cave Bird’s Nest drinks are labelled ‘B’ in the Nutri-Grade chart for low sugar content.

The whole list of XIN Bird’s Nest products can be found here: Bird’s Nest | © Xin Bird’s Nest

Gift of Good Health

Daily consumption of only 2-3 tablespoons of XIN Cave Bird’s Nest is known to significantly improve overall health and complexion. Visit Bird’s Nest Recipes for tips and ideas on how to brew a delightful soup with XIN Bird’s Nests for you and your family. 


Keeping up with the age-old tradition of gifting Premium Nest Cup, XIN has also curated exclusive gift sets of its Cave Bird’s Nest products, perfect for gifting to family and friends on Chinese New Year, Mother’s Day and other occasions. 



XIN Deluxe Cave Bird’s Nest Drink Gift set 


Shop the full range of XIN Products at their online store, on their Facebook and Instagram pages. Their exclusive range of products can also be ordered on Shopee and Lazada




Find out why XIN’s high quality Cave Bird’s Nest are the perfect gifts for you and for your loved ones’ good health, from those who have experienced their benefits themselves:


I bought 1 box for my wife as she is currently pregnant. My mum brewed it and she was very happy with its quality. The bird nests expanded well and taste very good. I will get more from XIN again.” Jimmy, customer for XIN Superior Cave Bird’s Nest


The premium cave’s bird nests are the best I have had so far. The threads are solid even after we brewed for 2 hours, the bird nests I bought from other outlets turned into water after I brewed for an hour. This is authentic and tastes very good. I will buy it again from XIN.Sarah, customer for XIN Premium Cave Bird’s Nest

Highly recommended on the Premium bird’s nest purchased. Not only great thoughts and care went into the well-presented bird nests in the gift box, it is the most tasty bird nest I have tried so far.Qy, customer for XIN Premium Cave Bird’s Nest




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