Kindle Cove Student Care – “Best in Student Care Services with Curated Enrichment Programmes”

Let your child stay ahead of the curve with Kindle Cove’s award-winning student care programme


With an impeccable and rigorous curriculum, Kindle Cove Student Care supports its students to build a strong foundation for academic success. Apart from detailed homework guidance, Kindle Cove Student Care also offers 5 specially curated enrichment programmes (English Literacy, Movement, Digital Literacy, Creative Arts and Global Perspectives) for an all-around development in children, without extra charges.

  • Kindle Cove is a premium boutique student care centre located in Redhill which serves well-known primary schools such as Alexandra Primary, Gan Eng Seng Primary, Queenstown Primary, River Valley Primary and Zhangde Primary School.
  • Kindle Cove’s teachers are highly experienced and are guided by the founding members, who possess more than 15 years of experience working with children across all levels from early childhood to secondary school.

  • Nutritious home-cooked meals (with no MSG) and physical education lessons are offered to support good health in children.

  • Budget-friendly transportation is available from Kindle Cove Student Care Centre to home.

" Nutritious meals are served at Kindle Cove. "


Kindle Cove has been receiving good reviews from grateful parents:

We choose Kindle Cove Student Care because it has an all-rounded curriculum and the classes are small with a low teacher-student ratio.

As a working parent, I feel at ease when my child told me that he liked Kindle Cove’s teachers. They are patient and caring when supervising his homework! And they prepare him for spelling too!

Good environment and great teachers! We are thankful for all the care and guidance at Kindle Cove!

A Well-curated Curriculum for Academic Excellence

Kindle Cove believes that learning has to be meaningful to children so that they can apply the knowledge they have learned. With this, they adopt a scaffolded approach to coach their students, ensuring the students are learning meaningfully and building a solid foundation in all subjects such as English, Chinese, Mathematics and Science. Most importantly, their curriculum is closely aligned with MOE primary school’s syllabus; periodic assessments are conducted to test students’ progress in all subjects.

At Kindle Cove, students look forward to daily enrichment programmes outside their usual homework routine. There are 5 fun-filled enrichment programmes provided:

  • Kindle Wordsmith emphasises English language skills including speaking, listening, comprehension, writing and more.
  • KindleSthetic – Creative Movement or Sport allows children to be mindful of their environment as they explore the movements. Through Sports, children learn to work cooperatively as a team, and build resiliency.
  • Kindle Geek – Digital Literacy equips children with the skill to use digital technologies safely and effectively.
  • Kindle Imagination – Creative Arts gives children a unique way to express themselves and their understanding of their world. It also allows students to learn how to make wise choices and solve problems.

" Children enjoy reading at the cosy reading corner. "


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Kindle Cove Student Care

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