Global Tots – “Best in Holistic Programme for Young Ones”

Preschool 2023-24-01

 “A Global-Minded School with a Totful (Thoughtful) Heart”

Global Tots offers a truly holistic programme to children, giving them the benefit of a well-rounded  preschool education.



Global Tots Preschool operates with a mission of maximizing every child’s potential. With this mission in mind, Global Tots runs 5 preschools in Singapore, offering integrated holistic programmes to children aged 2 months to 6 years old. Their flagship campus is located at Jalan Hitam Manis, opposite the Holland Village enclave. The other 4 campuses are conveniently located across the island at Braddell, Sembawang, Eastgate and Mountbatten.



·       Holistic Education

Global Tots adopts a Thematic Integrated Programme with a holistically designed curriculum emphasizing on 6 learning areas namely; Language & Literacy, Numeracy, Aesthetics & Creative Expression, Naturalistic, Motor skills and Moral education.

The preschool’s P1 Readiness programme ensures that the children gain necessary language and numeracy skills to make a smooth transition to Local Primary or International Schools. Children are extensively exposed to early reading programmes, Phonics, and Mathematics to boost their confidence. The preschool inculcates the love and appreciation for Mandarin through a robust Bilingual Immersion Programme wherein Chinese is weaved naturally into the daily lessons.

The preschool adopts a Project based approach to build on children’s innate sense of curiosity and exploration, thereby motivating them to analyze, reflect and solve problems independently. Children are encouraged to apply conceptual learning through a plethora of hands-on activities, story-telling sessions, songs and games, science experiments, cookery and art jamming sessions. The teachers present key concepts using diverse and innovative ways such as role play and via AR technologies to enable visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners to understand better.

Another important tenet of Global Tots’ holistic curriculum is the emphasis on moral education. The preschool focuses on children’s character development by inculcating values such as gratitude, respect, perseverance and teamwork.

Global Tots Preschools boast of abundant outdoor spaces where children can connect with nature and have fun experiences with their peers. By engaging in meaningful play outside the classrooms, children make use of all their senses for wholesome outdoor experiences. The preschool’s outdoor area is well equipped with a traffic park, a trampoline pad, playgrounds and a water-play station filled with assorted equipment for kids to frolic around and well, be kids! Additionally, the school organizes field trips and excursions every term for children to reinforce classroom concepts in an enjoyable manner.

Prior to the pandemic, the school organized educational events such as Sentosa Kidz Flea, School Carnival, K2 – Dare to Soar Appreciation Night, Art Exhibition, Xmas’ Flea Market and Overnight Camp. During the pandemic, they improvised – continuing to provide educational events such as Primary School Visit, Alumni Sharing to K2 Graduands, ‘Animal’ Workshop to the children – via Zoom.


The preschool adopts a Project based approach to build on children’s innate sense of curiosity and exploration.

  • Nurturing Environment


At Global Tots, the safety and well-being of the children is a priority. The preschool believes in providing the children a warm, comfortable and nurturing environment to enhance their learning journey- in a nutshell offering children a home away from home!


Teachers are undeniably the pillars of a school and at Global Tots, the well-qualified and passionate teachers are amply supported by senior staff members in their role as nurturers and educators. The preschool invests in continually developing the skill sets of the teachers so they in turn can nurture the children better and  prepare them for the future. Global Tots also keeps a low student-teacher ratio to ensure personalized attention for the children.


Global Tots Preschool actively encourages parental involvement in the child’s learning journey with an aim to foster strong home-school partnership. The preschool regularly communicates with the parents about their child’s development and invites them to participate in school events, and to collaborate via take-home projects and home-based learning. 


Guided by their core values of Virtue, Innovate, Tenacity, Achievement and Loving – enshrined in the acronym VITAL; Global Tots Preschool bring together a warm and nurturing environment strengthened by family partnerships and the guidance of dedicated teachers. It’s synergy of academics, moral guidance and experiential learning offers the best possible holistic programme for young pre-schoolers.

Take a look at the testimonials from happy parents of Global Tots students.
“Over the years, Global Tots has become one of the most respected institutions in the highly competitive market of kids preschool education; I think that is the natural outcome when professional management meets education “missionaries” and together partner with parents in their ambition to create a better tomorrow through next generation.” – Antonino & Valentina (Parents of Emma & Tommaso Musumeci)
We chose Global Tots for their focus on giving kids their outdoor play and a good mix of academic work. We believe play is important for kids of this age. School teachers and Principal are supportive and communicate closely with Parents, which is very important and appreciated. Alden was only Mandarin speaking when he joined the school. With the right support and environment, he became fluent in English within a short span of 1-2 months. He was shy and did not mix well with other children before, we are glad to see that he has developed to be more of an interactive child who plays well and shares with his peers. We are happy to have chosen Global Tots. Keep up the good work!”- Eunice & Wayne (Parents of Alden Lim)
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