Between Two Trees – “Best in Child-Led Inquiry-Based Learning”

inspiring the pursuit of knowledge and creativity 

“Let your child take ownership of their learning with B2T’s exemplary approach to preschool education.”


Between Two Trees is a cosy little preschool celebrating the bond between nature and learning! A premium preschool offering programmes for children aged 18 months to 6 years old, Between Two Trees pursues a teaching practice that is deeply rooted in celebrating a child’s innate sense of curiosity. 


  • Child-Led Learning Pedagogy – The B2T way acknowledges and respects children as teaching partners. Children are invited to play, explore, investigate, collaborate and problem-solve, all in their own unique ways. They are encouraged to set their own goals and processes, contrary to traditional teacher-directed learning processes. The teachers act as facilitators who support the children in discovery and study. They work on constantly provoking, investigating and reflecting on the learning processes with the children. This cyclical process ensures a dynamic curriculum to suit the children’s evolving needs. At Between Two Trees, the emphasis is on extensively documenting this whole negotiated learning-teaching process and then using it for curriculum development. Both children and educators are encouraged to revisit ideas and experiences as a window to progressive learning. The child-led learning provides the opportunity for children to grow in their own pace and bloom in their own time. Children’s voices are valued and respected; this motivates them to share their questions and perspectives, and hence instils confidence and self-assurance.


  • Project – based Learning – The B2T way encourages hands-on, experiential learning with the help of project work, art and play. At Between Two Trees, learning by doing holds great significance and is inculcated at every level. The children develop the necessary skills required to understand concepts, apply them enhancing both their knowledge and their learning experience. Children work alone, in small groups and also in larger ones – and learn responsibility, ownership, communication and teamwork.

While gardening, studio art and playtime serve a pivotal role in the learning process, Between Two Trees lays equal emphasis on the languages (English and Chinese), math, and science & technology. These subjects are delivered in a holistic manner, employing real-life objects and experiences.

  • Beautiful Environment – The B2T way bears testimony to how children thrive when they learn in a beautiful, enriching environment around them. The preschool is blessed with green outdoor spaces where one can find a playground, a tricycle area, a water-play area and a sand play area for children to engage in meaningful play. Children make use of materials such as paint, clay/ dough, blocks, water and sand for self-directed exploration and inquiry-based learning.

    As part of  the school’s edible gardening curriculum, children learn the concept of ‘farm to  table’. They learn how to take care of different types of plants, learn about the stages of plant growth and also partake in green sustainability efforts such as composting. The school partners with families and the community in spearheading various green initiatives such as recycling and reusing recycled materials for use by children in their daily activities, in the school’s very own recycling centre.



Guided by the Reggio Emilia approach, Between Two Trees Preschool is a boutique preschool that goes beyond traditional preschool education, inspiring children to become responsible stakeholders in the community and the environment. The school has won numerous awards for its sustainability efforts and green initiatives. Between Two Trees was also conferred the Outstanding Centre for Teaching and Learning Award in 2021 by ECDA

Take a look at what happy B2T parents have to say about the school:

When my wife and I visited B2T during the school visit, we immediately fell in love with the teaching methodology of the school. Their project work challenges the child to be creative and encourages them to inspect and find out more about every aspect of their surroundings. After enrolling our child into B2T, our thoughts from our first visit were spot on. From teaching the children about making their own compost, to simply lifting an artificial patch of grass to observe how worms move, the school’s ethos should be the model for creating a younger generation of curious minds.” FJ, Dad to Kara