Sunflower Preschool – “Best in Multiple Intelligence Approach”

Unleash your child’s full potential through the one-of-a-kind curriculum with Multiple Intelligence Approach


Inspired by Dr Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences theory, Sunflower Preschool ‘s curriculum is specially catered to nurture children’s 8 different “Intelligence” which include:

  • Word Smart (Linguistic Intelligence)
  • Numbers or Reasoning Smart (Logical-mathematical Intelligence)
  • Pictures Smart (Spatial Intelligence)
  • Music Smart (Musical Intelligence)
  • Self-Reflection Smart (Intrapersonal Intelligence)
  • Body Smart (Bodily-Kinesthetics Intelligence)
  • Nature Smart (Naturalistic Intelligence)
  • People Smart (Interpersonal Intelligence)

This award-winning curriculum provides children ample opportunities to learn based on their needs, interests and talents without any limitations.  At Sunflower Preschool, a wide variety of fun-filled hands-on, outdoor, art and musical activities are offered to engage children in fun and active learning.

"Kids involved in the outdoors and learning about nature from an early age"

  • Sunflower Preschools has 36 centres island-wide; all centres are SPARK accredited with higher quality in teaching and learning practices, specifically a well-designed curriculum, and a conducive learning environment that stimulates children’s development.


  • Sunflower Preschool ‘s programmes promote the development of the whole child in the following areas: Physical, Intellectual, Language, Emotional and Social.


  • Staff training and curriculum reviews are conducted regularly to maintain the good quality of their programmes.

“Ever since enrolling our son, we have seen many improvements. This place is great. Classes aren’t big so kids get all the attention. The school is clean and very detailed. Sunflower Preschool Bedok Reservoir ‘s centre manager-Ms Julie and teachers (Cheng Lao Shi & Teacher Aini) really care for the kids which can be hard to find nowadays. All the other teachers and admin -Ms Julia are very nice and helpful too.

Eve Evelyn, Parent at Sunflower Preschool Bedok Reservoir

This day care is an amazing place! Very clean with great staff and very welcoming. My child has been there for 3 weeks and I couldn’t ask for a better day care. Please keep on the great job that you ladies do.

Crystal Lin, Parent at Sunflower Preschool @ Mindef Chevrons

We choose Sunflower Preschool @ Bukit Batok because the teachers are very friendly, patient and caring. The children are having fun and studying happily!

Eddie Seak, Parent at Sunflower Preschool @ Bukit Batok


A Well-Balanced Programme For A Holistic Development

At Sunflower Preschool, the school believes that each child has their own unique multiple intelligence profile (stronger in some areas and less developed in others) and each of them has a different learning way. To honour children’s individual strengths and talents, they engage them in learning the “8 Intelligences” from a young age through a wide range of learning materials and fun-filled activities. The result? The little minds are learning in a uniquely fun and meaningful way, and they love to go to school every day!

Here are the fun-filled activities integrated into their programme:

  • Story Telling
  • Speech & Drama
  • Music & Movement
  • Art & Craft
  • Dramatic Play, Sand Play, Dough Play, Block Play
  • Manipulative Play and Role Play
  • The Art of Language (its Chinese programme adopts the latest technique developed by MOE, emphasizing on Word Recognition, Reading, Creative Writing and Phonics)
  • Creative Approach for Arithmetic and Science through Circle Time as well as structured group and individual projects for kindergarten students
  • Di Zi Gui (弟子规) for character building

"A fun-filled Chinese programme for little learners"


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Sunflower Preschool

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