Little Green House – “Best Literacy Programme”

Preschool 2023-24-04

Little Green House – nurturing children to be passionate lifelong learners with a flair for literacy


Since its establishment in 2005, Little Green House has cultivated children’s development through a fusion of robust academic Literacy SMART™ curriculum, with creative enrichment programmes and practical hands-on activities. Little Green House team of dedicated preschool educators transforms young children into budding writers, fluent readers, and confident speakers by bringing to light their full intellectual, social, physical, and creative potential.

The Literacy SMART™ programme

The development of basic, intermediate, and advanced literacy skills is the main emphasis of this programme, which will be especially helpful to children who lack a solid foundation in writing, reading, and speaking due to limited exposure at home. Age-appropriate readers, activity books, audio learning stations, and the most recent news articles can all be found in Little Green House learning centres. These promote children’s interest in current affairs while continuously exposing them to a literacy-rich environment.

With a variety of teaching tools, teachers engage every child in a series of fun activities, interactive role-plays, and quick quizzes to intrigue their curiosity and interest. Through specially curated activities, individual learning needs of children will also be discovered. Furthermore, each child’s learning pace is carefully monitored so that even book-shy children can become voracious readers and maestros of the English language.

At Little Green House, when a child opens a book, it opens their mind to possibilities

The Literacy SMART™ environment

Highly experienced teachers at Little Green House conduct word games, storytelling sessions, book sharing and reviews in between lesson plans and play activities. These actively encourage children to interact with their peers to share about their reading. Teachers are always on hand to help students if they have any questions during this learning process.

The classroom library also includes award-winning book titles so that children can easily access them. Additionally, visual charts that translate common words into pictures for self-directed learning are displayed on the walls of classrooms. Little Green House takes pride in providing every child in each of its learning centres a warm, welcoming, and literacy-rich environment.

Children grow and bloom to their fullest as a Literacy SMART Kid


Since 2005, Little Green House has consistently won numerous awards and recommendations for providing a safe and nurturing environment for preschool children. Their comprehensive curriculum equips children with the right knowledge, skills and attitudes to get them ready for their future in primary school.

Based on the school’s Literacy SMART™ programme, Singapore’s Child magazine awarded Little Green House the title of “Best Literacy Programme” in 2020 for the fourth consecutive year. This programme is developed by the same team of curriculum experts from the award-winning Mulberry Learning preschool chain. Little Green House believes that by the time they are six years old, the child who participates in the “Literacy SMART™ programme” will have undergone a gradual and sustained development, nurturing them to become budding writers, fluent readers, and confident speakers.

In order to make sure that children feel more energised, less lethargic, and better able to concentrate on learning, the school places great importance in serving only wholesome and nutritious food as well. Besides that, Little Green House take special care to partner with every parent to encourage them in playing an active role to bring out the best in their children. With all of these factors in mind, you can rest easy knowing that when your child enrols in Little Green House, they are learning in the best environment.


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