Alphabet Playhouse – “Best Integrated Learning Programme”

Preschool 2023-24-02

Alphabet Playhouse is where adventure and discovery take flight.


Established in 1995, Alphabet Playhouse has been a trusted premium preschool for over 27 years. They seek to maximize every child’s potential by cultivating confident young explorers with a “Growth Mindset”, as well as nurturing every child as a curious thinker, resilient champion and caring citizen.


The core pedagogy of the curriculum framework at Alphabet Playhouse is based on world-renowned Stanford University psychologist Carol Dweck’s concept of the “Growth Mindset”, which believes that a child’s skills and qualities can be cultivated through effort and perseverance. At Alphabet Playhouse, this mindset is instilled and reinforced in every child through a variety of fun and exciting activities.


To uncover every child’s potential through developing
confident young explorers with a “Growth Mindset”

School Programmes

World Adventurer

A bilingual Integrated Programme, World AdventurerTM, where children explore the world around them in a multi-disciplinary manner across various themes, projects, and stories.

Little Lotus

Little LotusTM programme makes Mandarin lessons enjoyable and exciting for all children. Lessons are activity-based that incorporates movements, art and music to add to the fun, including the use of Cajon drums to promote learning of the language. At the same time it introduces foundation words such as colours, shapes, and songs that children can apply in their daily lives.

Ready, Set, Grow

This programme covers eight popular sports such as soccer, basketball, tennis, floorball, badminton, baseball, running and golf. The Ready, Set, Grow!TM programme teaches children the fundamentals of sports through progressive and fun activities tailored to each age level, while also instilling valuable traits like teamwork, resilience and the Growth Mindset.

Literacy and Phonics

Alphabet Playhouse’s literacy programme involves two major parts, a literature-based component that focuses on authentic language learning and developing a love of reading, and a phonics-based component that focuses on listening and speaking international standard English.

Math Whiz

Alphabet Playhouse teaches mathematical concepts through games and activities, and they recognise the close relationship between mathematics and language. Therefore, Math WhizTM lessons are meticulously designed to assist children in grasping these important concepts through activities and games.

Learning is fun at Alphabet Playhouse!


Because of their dedicated team of caring teachers and principal, Alphabet Playhouse won the hearts of all the little ones who attended the school as well as the satisfaction of their parents. The school felt like home to everyone, allowing them to create many beautiful memories and lifelong friendships, even among the students’ parents!

Furthermore, parents realize the importance of outdoor play in the development of their children’s advanced motor skills such as agility, balance, and coordination. Hence, they deeply appreciate Alphabet Playhouse’s spacious outdoor playgrounds and open spaces, where children get to enjoy the full benefits of all types of outdoor activities and play. Alphabet Playhouse’s Ready, Set, Grow! TM Programme is one such activity in which children participate in sports through fun group activities!


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Phone: +65 6653 5618
School locations: 

Alphabet Playhouse @ Somerset

16 Dublin Road
Singapore 239805

Alphabet Playhouse @ East Coast

440A Upper East Coast Road
Singapore 466497