Healthy Cup on the Block- Koka Singapore’s First-ever Multigrain Cup Noodle. 

Singapore’s First-ever Multigrain Cup Noodle. Straight From The Oven. Deliciously Baked (Not Fried)! 

Instant noodles need not be unhealthy and highly processed- KOKA’s Multigrain Cup Noodle with Purple Corn is proving this with it’s healthier cup noodle offering! This new healthier cup on the block was recently crowned ‘Best Product 2022’ by SIFST.

KOKA Multigrain Cup Noodle with Purple Corn is steamed and slow baked while preserving its natural antioxidants. Touted to be the first-ever Multigrain Cup Noodle with Antioxidant Goodness, Multigrain Cup Noodle with Purple Corn has been tested to contain as much as 3400micromole of antioxidant activity per 100g of the noodle, thanks to its high anthocyanin content, – more than double the amount of antioxidants found in most fruits and vegetables, gram for gram.


Another healthier cup variant joins the series with the launch of KOKA Multigrain Cup with Oats & Barley. KOKA Multigrain with Oats & Barley is enriched with the goodness of whole oats and hulled barley. Like the purple series, they are flavoured with all natural ingredients to make them wholesome and nutritious.

KOKA Multigrain Cup Noodle with Purple Corn and KOKA Multigrain Cup with Oats & Barley are game changers in the enticing world of cup noodles, offering customers the taste and convenience they love sans the unhealthy bad tag. Here is why:

The Ingredients– Peruvian purple corn used in KOKA Multigrain Cup Noodle is considered a superfood. The corn gives the noodle a luscious purple hue, and has a high anthocyanin content twice that of blueberries. Oats & barley are naturally rich sources of β-glucans, which are known to help reduce cholesterol, maintain healthy gut bacteria, and promote heart health, among other benefits.

The Process – The noodle are not fried but go through a slow-cook process of steaming and baking, without the use of oil. This cooking process makes the noodles inherently lower in fat and calories.

The Flavours – With no additives, artificial colors or preservatives, KOKA noodles only contain natural ingredients and natural flavours – for guilt free indulgence.

The noodles come in sustainable bamboo fibre cup, making the cup eco-friendly as well.

KOKA’s iconic Purple Cup Noodle comes in 3 Asian-inspired flavours:

    1. Five Spice Duck: Vegan friendly with a signature blend of aromatic five-spice.

    1. Pepper Crab: A peppery broth inspired by Singapore’s local delicacy- pepper crab.

    1. Hot Mala Tofu: Sichuan pepper flavoured noodles with just a hint of that numbing sensation.

The KOKA Multigrain Cup Noodles with Oats & Barley are available in 4 exciting new recipes:

    1. Mushroom Miso with an umami taste.

    1. Spicy Tomato to give a blend of savoury and spicy.

    1. Green Curry with a touch of Thai and rich coconut broth.

    1. Chicken -rich and warm Chicken soup noodles.

      Multigrain Cup Noodles with Purple Corn are retailed for S$2.30 each at NTUC FairPrice and Cold Storage supermarkets, and online at, RedMart, Shopee, Lazada and Qoo10.
      Multigrain Cup Noodles with Oats & Barley are soon to be available for S$2.30 each at NTUC FairPrice and Cold Storage supermarket