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Mosaic Play Academy (MPA) focuses on the holistic development of children through a blend of play and learning. A spread of enrichment courses are offered to develop them mentally, emotionally and physically.


Holistic development through blended play and learning activities. Mosaic Play Academy (MPA) knows that safe and supported play is crucial in shaping a child’s cognitive, social and emotional health, and consequently their adult life. The love of learning is fostered in the very young through outdoor exploration.  For students after school, the balance of play and studies is key. It is with this approach where children blossom mentally, emotionally and physically, that Mosaic Play Academy (MPA) is able to win the hearts of many parents.


Comprehensive Programmes available from infant to toddlers

Playgroup Programme (ages 6 months to 6 years)

The playgroup programme is centred on the development of the whole child using a multi-sensory approach. Children learn through hands-on exploration and play that is fun, enriching and foster a love for learning. Every lesson has an outdoor component that allows children to get sporty and explore nature – there is even a mud kitchen for children to get creatively messy!

Children will also be able to make a smooth transition to a fully day programme at Mosaic Preschool when they graduate from Mosaic Play Academy!

After School Care Programme (ages 7 to 12)

Students are actively encouraged to apply their knowledge through a variety of carefully curated enrichment activities that are incorporated into the after school programme. With the homework support developed by a team of experienced teachers, they would be able to thrive in school.

Qualified and Experienced Teachers

All teachers are qualified with an early childhood certification and specialist diploma, degree and/or masters in their respective disciplines.  With the emphasis on outdoor play, many educators have outdoor specialist and curriculum development experience.

Tailored to every child’s interests

Every programme is tailored to the likes and interests of the children, and takes into account their current learning for students in school. Through the enriching experiences, children develop confidence, curiosity and resilience that are crucial for their life.

Playgroup for the very young, from 6 months to 6 years – where children’s love for learning is fostered through hands-on exploration and play.

Exploration and outdoor play that develops the love for learning in very young children

Designed to be explorative, children discover how the world works and become independent as they engage in social interaction. By spending time outdoor, children also develop an appreciation of nature as they get sporty in the curated play spaces at MPA’s private outdoor lawns – there is even a mud kitchen for children to get creatively messy!

This is because MPA knows that learning is a holistic process and takes place everywhere and all the time, not only during teacher-guided activities in the classroom. Children use their creativity using the open-ended learning materials and learn valuable skills, whether playing, dressing up, or having a snack.

After School Care for ages 7 to 12, where students are developed mentally, emotionally and physically through opportunities to apply what they learnt and grow through wide array of enrichment programmes.

Balanced study and play after school

At MPA’s after-school care programme, students are not only prepared for academic excellence but are also nurtured to be more mentally, physically and emotionally resilient. They are given opportunity to apply their knowledge through a variety of enrichment activities that are incorporated into the after school programme.

From sports to speech and drama, creative art in Mandarin, robotics, creative writing and character building, students build their confidence and inner strength. There is also homework support developed by a team of experienced teachers so that they thrive in school.

Qualified teachers and outdoor specialists

With such an emphasis, MPA’s educators have strong backgrounds in outdoor play. Ms Shea, for example, is the outdoor specialist and curriculum development at MPA. She advocates for process-oriented learning and nature play. As a former curriculum developer and behavioural therapist, she believes in taking the lead of children’s interest to allow them time, space and freedom to explore and is also a trained forest school leader.


We started taking our daughter to Mosaic’s parent-accompanied playgroup when she was 18 months old. Besides the caring, thoughtful and creative teachers, we really like the environment. The classrooms and playrooms are always very clean, they are filled with plenty of natural light and our daughter loves exploring the big garden and outdoor playground. Overall a great experience for all of us. – Jessica Ogilvie

This place has everything it needs to make a child grow happily. They have a spacious outdoor play area, sometimes you get to see parrots and roosters roaming around. The teachers are approachable, proactive and energetic! I like how they plan to make each lesson interesting and creative. – Michelle Yang

At MPA, my daughter enjoys her interactions with her teachers. The wonderful play spaces in this academy create lots of opportunities for her to explore independently and learn through focused and engaged play. The team at MPA has also been very accommodating and makes an effort to provide frequent updates on my child’s learning journey. We are glad to have found this school. In fact, she enjoys her time at Mosaic Play Academy so much that she will increasing her sessions to daily!

– Guo Jing, mother of Chan Pei Wen, 2 yrs old

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